One of the finest puzzle platformers on the App Store, Mobigame’s Edge [$2.99], is currently free for a limited time. Edge was a standout release back in the early days of the App Store in late 2008, and then spent the better portion of the next two years battling a trademark dispute over its name.

Though the trademark dispute hogged many headlines during Edge’s lifespan, it was never lost on anybody that Edge itself was also a stellar game. If you somehow don’t already own Edge then you simply have to download it while it’s free to give it a try.

If you manage to complete all of the levels in the original Edge, a pseudo-sequel called Edge Extended [$2.99] was released last year which added and improved upon many aspects of the original.

  • Jay

    Love this game.  I'm playing Edge Extended on iPad 3 right now and it's glorious.  It's so smooth and responsive. 

    I kinda wish they did more games with geometrical puzzles.  How about one with a sphere?  No tilt controls, though, it would have to keep the same directional controls as Edge.

  • mcorleonep

    Just downloaded it.  I missed this one during the old 3G days.  Reminds me of Marble Madness.  I'll likely want to try the newer one as well on my iPad.