This week on The TouchArcade Show, we do another stellar job staying on topic -- for the most part. At the top, we spend a good amount of time to the latest releases: Epic Astro Story, Puncho Fighto, and Burnout: Crash eat up a lot of our games section. Topics like the recent Kickstarter explosion and Magic: The Gathering on tablets round out the show. We also answer quite a few user e-mails, which we always appreciate.

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Also, this owns, thanks @mikemeade:

  • Gagapokerface

    I really didn't like reading the Brad Nicholson articles/reviews when you first started writing for the site (I don't THINK i went so far as to make any comments though), but you've really won me over. I think it's a combination of warming up to your style and being able to trust your opinions more now that I know what you like in a game. The long-form Simogo article, in my opinion, was the best thing I've read on this site!

  • John Usher

    Lmao this is the first time I've listened to the TA podcast and wow I've been missing some funny stuff 🙂 you now have a new listener. And I bought kitten sanctuary based on this podcast and it's a pretty cool take on the match three genre.

  • Jason Smelkinson

    You literally gotta be like that to buy a new iPad every year and then make fun of people who don't

  • phuong vo

    Eli and Jared are pretty cool but it's all about Team Nicholson!

  • Dan Patterson

    Hey dudes - leaving this review here in the comments as it hasn't appeared yet in iTunes.  Sorry for the redundancy, just wanted to make sure the comment gets to you. Love the show. Keep it up!

    Via @iTunes Review:
    "I can't tell you how many times I've recommended this show to friends and family.  Warts and all (yeah, the sound quality is sometimes rough, the swearing unnecessary, and the topics loose) it's clear that the Touch Arcade guys love games and game culture. Even better, the Touch Arcade guys know what they're talking about and give stellar advice in every episode. If you're in to mobile gaming, don't miss the Touch Arcade podcast."

  • nizy

    @mikemeade's image should be the artwork for the show from now on.

  • Nate

    I'll admit, I briefly wondered whether the extended, detailed rave review for Kitten Sanctuary on this episode was some kind of elaborate group hoax, but I'm a sucker for a good (and cheap!) Match 3 game so I checked it out.  Clearly there was no hoax, this is an extremely clever and innovative take on the genre, combines a lot of mechanics that I'd seen but also some interesting ones I hadn't, and is extremely deep, to boot.  My only minor annoyance is that sometimes you just want to get on to the next level and not worry about soothing your kittens' rain angst, but it actually works pretty well as a way to interrupt the endless "Just ONE More Level" grind and encourage you to put the iDevice down.

    I think that the 4.5 stars your reviewer gave the game is high enough and doesn't need to be bumped up further, though.