2XL’s ‘XLR8’ Isn’t a Game, But it Makes Driving Feel Like One

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If you follow me on Twitter, which you totally should, you’ll know that I’ve been having what amounts to a full-blown love affair with a 2011 Prius for the past six months or so. The car is great, gets fabulous milage, is chock full of gadgetry, and really, is only lacking in one department. See, the Prius is a really quiet car. So quiet, that it’s even been the center of jokes on The Office. And, sometimes, you really just want to hear the throaty growl of a V8 engine.

That’s where 2XL Games’ XLR8 ($1.99) comes in:

In a nutshell, you download this 99¢ app, plug it into your car stereo, crank it up, and throw your iPhone into a cup holder. Then, with some reasonable precision, it makes your car, truck, minivan, or whatever else you drive sound just like a sports car. The initial purchase comes with a generic V8 sounding engine, and additional engine sounds can be unlocked via IAP. It’ll even throw in burnout, braking, and drifting noises.

I imagine XLR8 would work better if you had an actual mount for your phone, as getting jostled around in the cup holder sometimes confuses it. Regardless, driving around in your non-sportscar with some fairly realistic engine noises of an Italian super car? Totally worth it.

Just, you know, drive responsibly and all that.

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