This afternoon, Aquaria [$2.99] joined the growing list of iPad apps that support the new iPad's high resolution screen. And in celebration, publisher Semi-Secret Software is offering it for $2.99 instead of its usual $4.99 price point. Semi-Secret is thinking that this is the first time Aquaria has supported 2048 x 1536, so scribble another note in your "Perks To Owning Aquaria on iPad" column if you're playing along at home.

Here's what it looks like now, by the way:

This sale ends this coming Sunday, so you've got some time to act before it ends. We suggest you fill this extra time by playing Aquaria so... maybe you should just jump on this now. Or something.

  • nicolinux

    Beautiful game. Hope it does well on the App Store.

  • Erik Wilgenhof

    The soundtrack is still available as part of the humble indie music bundle. There are a few more great albums in there!

  • Dreamwriter

    One of my favorite games, now prettier!

    • John

      Not really.  Most of the art doesn't benefit from the higher resolution and the framerate has taken a bit of a hit.  :