Linux Tycoon, in case you've never heard of it, bills itself as "the world's premiere Linux Distribution Building Simulation Game." It's got similar gameplay to the many other Tycoon-style games out there, with one gloriously nerdy twist. In Linux Tycoon, you're not building railroads, managing hospitals, or anything like that, you're trying to build the world's greatest Linux distro.

You'll analyze and select the software packages included in your distro, fix bugs, and manage both your volunteers and paid staff while trying to keep the file size of your distro reasonable… And much more. There's even an online component, which will turn Linux Tycoon into the world's first MMOLDBSG, or, for those of you playing along at home, that's a "Massively Multiplayer Online Linux Distro Building Simulation Game."

If all goes as planned, Linux Tycoon will be submitted to the App Store for approval sometime next week, and released as soon as Apple gives the thumbs up. Pricing is yet to be announced, but it sounds like it'll be in line with what you'd expect.

  • Laszlo Tuss

    Sounds interesting 😀

  • Adams Immersive

    With multiplayer mascot battles, surely?

  • Tony Sharp

    Wow, I think this is the nerdiest idea I've ever heard for a game. I'm definitely buying this.

    • Tyler Piderit

      Agreed! How could we resist. My distro will be a lamp stack powerhouse! YEAH!

  • Allen Chang

    As a guy who spends his professional career working on open source projects, words cannot express how much I am geeking out to this. The game cannot come soon enough!

  • Tyler Piderit

    Very excited for this! So nerdy it hurts!

  • joecassara

    Be sure to check out the publishers' other scintillating games: "paint drying simulator" and "grass growing simulator". 😉

  • Dillon Torgersen

    Whats funny is that it costs money, and those familiar with Linux know that most distros are free, and the ones that are not you pay for the service... Another thing that I find funny is that its offered on iOS, so an Apple product. Some people feel that Apple copied, while others feel the word "stole" is more accurate, the mother of Linux, Munix… Just a funny situation...

  • Trentos

    Sounds like Kairosoft's Game Dev Story with a Linux twist and social interactions. Will be interesting to see how different the gameplay aside.

    • Trentos

      Looking closer at the screenshot it looks quite similar indeed. This's will be one for the Linux fans mostly I think.

  • AceWizard

    Any news?

  • LearnIIBurn

    Still waiting on this one :). Wonder when it will show up?

  • Cromwell

    What happens to the iOS project of this game?

    • AKLT

      Yep, hardly even a whisper since the article.

      So much for "next week", heh!