If you follow me on Twitter, which you totally should, you'll know that I've been having what amounts to a full-blown love affair with a 2011 Prius for the past six months or so. The car is great, gets fabulous milage, is chock full of gadgetry, and really, is only lacking in one department. See, the Prius is a really quiet car. So quiet, that it's even been the center of jokes on The Office. And, sometimes, you really just want to hear the throaty growl of a V8 engine.

That's where 2XL Games' XLR8 [$1.99] comes in:

In a nutshell, you download this 99¢ app, plug it into your car stereo, crank it up, and throw your iPhone into a cup holder. Then, with some reasonable precision, it makes your car, truck, minivan, or whatever else you drive sound just like a sports car. The initial purchase comes with a generic V8 sounding engine, and additional engine sounds can be unlocked via IAP. It'll even throw in burnout, braking, and drifting noises.

I imagine XLR8 would work better if you had an actual mount for your phone, as getting jostled around in the cup holder sometimes confuses it. Regardless, driving around in your non-sportscar with some fairly realistic engine noises of an Italian super car? Totally worth it.

Just, you know, drive responsibly and all that.

  • http://www.dowerchin.com/ Dower Chin

    This is pretty funny 🙂

    • Soul_of_Wit

      I don't get fart apps, but this is funny.

  • iamthekiller

    Wow, this is great for stupid people that love loud noises.  

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Stupid person here!

  • iamthekiller

    We live in a society that is way too litigious, but I honestly hope that somebody sues this company for causing a car accident.

    • LordStark489

      Keep calm and download all the XLR8 engine sounds!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000128746044 Dylan Praesto

    haha, shit! this is realy awesome xD but how does it know how fast you drive? :O

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      It doesn't seem to, that's why it's so funny. It only knows when you're accelerating, turning, or braking so you could be accelerating to like 35mph and it'll sound like you're going 200mph.

      • DrFu79

        actually, if it's precisely mounted it could calculate your exact speed based on acceleration and braking alone. at least in theory.

  • 11LBG11

    I have no need for this as I ride a motorcycle which sounds much better and louder than this app. I can see the appeal if you drive a boring ass car though 😉

  • jeffyg3

    This app is so god damn stupid...made simply for idiots on the road. That being said, I can't wait to drive to work tonight haha.

    • http://twitter.com/Merekdavis Merek Davis

      My thought process exactly.  "What a waste of 99 cents.  I have work in 2 minutes... why isn't it downloading faster?"

    • Adams Immersive

      This kind of stupid concept is what makes me ashamed to own an iPhone—and a car, for that matter. A car with a stereo, no less, and even an iPhone dash mount. And ears—I have those, as well, much to my shame.

      I MIGHT download it if it goes free. But it would be kind of pointless, since I’m already downloading it for 99 cents right now...

  • http://twitter.com/touchgameplay TouchGamePlay

    This App made my Day. Toyota should sell this App together with each Prius 😀

  • cowboybill

    The app "Auto Tones" does the same thing but also adds a Jalopy and a urinating in the toilet sound that is awesome to use especially if you have kids in the van that need to pee!

    • Adams Immersive

      And I see that one has a Lite version with a single car; worth checking out.

  • http://twitter.com/crunchewy Crunchewy

    I think this would be funny, but I'm not sure it's 99 cents worth of funny.

    • Adam Gibson

      My kids loved the app.  They listened to it all the way to school and wanted to hear it on the way home too :).

  • http://twitter.com/stevenmatarazzo Steven Matarazzo

    I can see somebody getting too carried away from the noises on their iPhone and pushing their car faster and faster until they end up doing 70 mph in a 40 mph zone. But I guess as long as you don't let the noises get to your head you may be okay.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZZQICFNCJXG7WSWPQRJRZ5IM3A Chuck

    After test driving a 323 HP Chevy Camaro the other night and then having to go back to driving my 108 HP import, I can definitely see the value in this app. Sold.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZZQICFNCJXG7WSWPQRJRZ5IM3A Chuck

      I was stoked to find out after purchasing this app that the bundled in car is actually the new Camaro - score! Fun app, could def use a volume control and background processing. Worth $1

  • Eegah

    This reminds me of the time I put my iPhone between the spokes of my bicycle and rode around. Fun, but expensive.

  • pew_pew_pewww

    wtf lol

  • http://twitter.com/chaosz911 René de Groot

    It is fun, but I feel a little ripped off as you get one car sound and all the rest are in-app purchases *sigh*. Ah well, still fun. My collegue has this awsome audio system in his car together with an FM transmitter for the iPhone... it was ehhh LOUD 🙂

  • AcneVulgaris

    Time to get to work on an iPhone penis enhancement system!

  • Adams Immersive

    Free for a day!

  • Adams Immersive

    OK, I’ve tried both XLR8 and AutoTones:

    • Both have very good sound and nice UIs. XLR8 is a little more slick-looking.

    • AutoTones is easier to use, and “out of the box” does pretty amusing turn/skid and brake sounds. It worked even when used “wrong” by launching it in a car that was already in motion. XLR8 has a calibration step you must go through every time, including an annoying voice, and if you move too soon during calibration, it just doesn’t respond right at all—you’ll think it’s broken.

    • AutoTones uses the accelerometer/gyroscopes and responds instantly to your every move, even a little variation on the gas pedal! BUT it doesn’t understand your speed, and the sound always drops to idle as soon as you stop accelerating.

    • XLR8 uses GPS, which means more battery drain and heat, but also means it better understands speed, and plays the right sound for cruising vs. idling. BUT it mistakes turning for acceleration (engine gets really fast during a slow turn) and its responses are 5 to 20 seconds delayed. It just feels wrong to hit the gas and hear the sound 10 seconds later, and then come to a stop and hear the engine keep running fast for several seconds.

    For now I prefer AutoTones for the instant response—but I wish it would gain (at least optional) GPS speed detection so it could play the right sound for cruising at speed and not keep dropping to idle.

    But XLR8 has lots of adjustments you can make, so I may be able to improve it with trial and error. I already see how to make the skid/turn/brake sounds happen more often (which is something I like about AutoTones).

    The best would be a combination of the two: instant accelerometer/gyro response to your every move, like AutoTones, with XRL8’ GPS speed awareness considered secondarily (not overriding the accelerometer, but to estimate speed when no acceleration is happening). And AutoTones’ dead-simple ease of use plus XLR8’s tweakability.

    • Adams Immersive

      Oh—and I felt AutoTones was a little TOO sensitive (sounded like I was flooring it even during local city driving at 25mph); but I just noticed it has 3 sensitivity levels, and will try Low next time. Not as many adjustments as XLR8 offers, maybe that’s just another way AutoTones is simpler to use. (It does have a way to toggle off the turn and brake sounds. But I like them! XLR8 hardly had those—at the default settings, which you can turn up.)

      So AutoTones is the winner for now; but I should mention that XLR8 has shift points and a button to manually rev the engine. (Auto Tones has a toggle for “Revs” but I’m not sure what that does.)

      Also, XLR8 might be better for long cruising like on a highway. It will likely get your speed more or less right, albeit delayed.

  • http://twitter.com/crunchewy Crunchewy

    I'm glad this went free for the day. Now I'll get to check it out.