Talk about radical news: Beamdog and Overhaul Games' Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition for iPad will support multiplayer. Also, publisher Beamdog isn't looking to kill your wallet. Kotaku is reporting that it'll launch this summer for under $10.

We still don't know a lot about this version, which seems crazy since this it's one of the most anticipated releases in 2012. We do have a few more interesting tidbits for you, though: the game will rock an enhanced version of the game's original Infinity Engine, and is set to sport a new character and adventure. The Tales of the Sword expansion is also a part of the package from the get-go.

We'll be talking with Overhaul games soon, so feel free to drop any questions or comments you have under this post. We proudly accept all froms of "what" and various statements containing disbelief, excitement, or extreme nerd-ery.

[via Kotaku]

  • Adam Wilcox

    Given that this is such a big game, are Overhaul saving games/settings to iCloud from the start?

  • Radd Berkheiser

    Some questions for them:  

    Will it support portrait orientation or just landscape?  

    Will co-op be handled via GameCenter?  

    Will there be IAP/DLC and if so, what can we expect? I saw the word "rotate" in another preview… is it correct to assume that the new engine will allow "rotation" and not just panning of the game world?

    ETA on a preview trailer?

    Does Overhaul have the rights/dreams/plans to do the Icewind Dale series or (dare to dream) Planescape if the Baldur enhancements I & II do well?

    Can they please help convince/spread-the-word-to other devs of classic computer games in the 90s that the iPad is a perfect place to rebirth their creations?!?  Pretty please?

  • Crescenzo D'Alterio

    are there any chances of seeing a port for the iphone after the ipad release?

  • Jensen_G

    Which iPads will it support?

    • Dave Neumann

       I think THIS is the most important question...

      • REkzkaRZ

        Most important questions for me:
        Can I run it on my iPhone?
        What's the multiplayer going to be like?  (That's an awesome move, devs!)

    • Radd Berkheiser

      Even if it did support 1st gen, I wouldn't expect it to support it "well".  Anymore, most games that consume a lot of RAM seem to crash out on my 1st gen, even if they are officially supporting it.  And this title will most definitely be requiring lots of RAM.

      In other words, even if they do say "1st gen", I would be wary of thinking it's going to be a non-crash-prone experience there... you're probably going to want a 2nd gen or better even if it isn't a requirement.

      • jonathanjk

        Have you seen the requirements for the first Baldur's Gate? 166Mhz CPU, 16MB of RAM and 2MB of video RAM, hardly breaking the bank in terms of hardware requirements.

      • Radd Berkheiser

        I had it when it came out, yes (actually, I own it and the sequel several times over)... but this is also new engine, it's likely at least something of a port (I doubt iOS is their primary platform), the minimum spec on my Mac version was 64mb RAM, and that old minimum spec was for it's original native resolution of 640x480.  

        Plus it was also on 4-5 cd-roms originally too (it's got nearly 2g of data)... which while not "necessarily" putting pressure on RAM, I can see them utilizing all the RAM they can.

        But my main point is, even when I see titles that support 1st gen, the second they start to run more than a few megs of RAM, apps crash.  1st gen's 256mb of RAM is more than half eaten by the OS anymore... I never see more than 90mb free even with all apps quit.

        The difference in stability between my 1st gen and my 3rd gen is night and day... and I have to think that has more to do with RAM than anything else.

      • REkzkaRZ

        @ Jonathanjk -- this is a moot point.  If they were merely porting it, perhaps it'd be relevant, but they are completely retooling the game.
        The old specs will likely be as as meaningful as the specs for the 64k games from oldschool arcades which now run on my iPhone at 2-3+ mb (or more).
        On another note, I'd really like to see this (or something like this, ie a 'deeper game') come out for the iPhone.  It's challenging to work with the small screens, but there are a lot of devoted players like me out there.  (HELLO DEVS?  heh)

      • jonathanjk

        Trent Oster has stated on twitter the game will run on the original iPad.

        I would post a link but my comments get notified for moderation, but never show up.

    • David Markowitz

      Yeah, I've been wondering this as well.  Another user pointed out in the previous news posting that the URL for the iOS announcement page on the dev's site says "Baldurs-gate-for-ipad-3" (or something along those lines).  I'm really hoping it won't be limited to just the new one (as I have the ipad 2).

  • John Dickerson

    Now lets start making the Diablo games for iPad.

    • Abe Marks

      Check out infinity blade dungeons. Yeah.

  • Slerba Slerssen

    This will be so awesome!

  • David Luchetti

    i second the "which ipads will it support" question. i do plan on getting a "new" iPad sometime - but in the meantime i hope that it works on my 1st gen!

    i also second the IceWind Dale question.

    will it support Retina display on the new iPad?

    will there be multiple control options? (virtual joystick vs touch controls vs ... tilt?!)

    will it have rapid autosaving? (lets face it iPad games *always* crash and losing my progress has made me quit countless games already)

    will there be any in-app purchases? either at launch or in the future?

  • Gilles Debrier

    While the upgraded engine is great, I'm wondering if the enhanced edition will have updated DnD rules as well (if I remember correctly, Baldur's Gate was running on Core rules 2).  Would be great to see 4th edition here

    • Radd Berkheiser

      I saw somewhere they're sticking with a tweaked version of 2nd Edition... probably with more tweaks than the original had, but still 2nd Edition as a base.

    • REkzkaRZ

      No way, why would they screw up the game to go 4th Ed?  I'm not interested in seeing that update...

  • jonathanjk

    This is great news, I just bought NeverWinter Nights 2 for the Mac (69p today) to tie me over till this is released.

  • Joe Deemer

    I remember both games having some pretty thick, and awfully useful manuals. Will we be able to access that content in the app? 

  • Francis Murphy

    iPad 1st gen I still have, aye re Crashings with more memory heavy applications, however after I streamlined my iPad by deleting out most Apps and only use the current and regularly used Apps, iPad give me 105- 120 mb free memory.

    So may be advisable just to switch App via wifi rather than try have it all installed on the 1st gen iPad.

  • Frank Hopewell-Smith

    Very excited for this. May just buy a new ipad to play this - so awesome.

    Some questions: 

    How is the interface going to work? Is there anything they have done with the touch controls that is really good (in their mind)? 

    Any plans for Baldur's Gate 2?

    What about the Dark Alliance games? 

    • Radd Berkheiser

      Baldur's Gate 2 was announced for later this year in enhanced edition as well, from what I saw elsewhere.

      And I read their ultimate goal is to make a Baldur's Gate 3... so we can hope that comes to iPad too.

      Dark Alliance / Diablo-esque D&D games would be cool... but probably not as a part of this team's current work as it was on the Dark Alliance rather than Infinity engine.

  • Laszlo Tuss

    We should make a petition to Apple, because most of the 256 rammed devices often crash, they crash with the default apps like Safari also.....

  • Locanis

    I'd really, really love to see it give some iPhone love as well. Baldur's Gate on the go in a pocket portable form. I hope there is plans to eventually make an iPhone compatable build, or go universal.

  • Tikicobra

    So what are the chances of a Planescape: Torment port?

  • Andrew Wordsworth

    Definitely would love to see BGI&II (Including Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal), Icewind Dale I&II and Planescape Torment on iPad/iPhone. These were (and still are) awesome RPGs with pretty deep plots, involved twists and turns and good playability even now. I am so excited and will probably be first in the queue when released in the UK.