As if you need another reminder to download Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP [$3.99 / $2.99] if you haven't already, nominations for the 2012 Canadian Videogame Awards were just revealed and Sworcery was nominated for basically every category that even vaguely applies to the game. This includes game of the year, best game on the go, best downloadable game, best game design, best visual arts, best writing, best indie game, best original music, and… innovation award.

I have no doubts that the game will soak up at least some of those awards, which is just extra crazy when you look at the list of other games that were nominated. In your wildest dreams back when the App Store launched in mid-2008 did you ever think that four years later an iOS-exclusive indie-developed game would be standing toe to toe with massive budget AAA console titles for awards?

What a wild time to be a gamer.

Oh, and if this somehow is the first time you've heard of the game (really?) check out our review.

[via Gamasutra]

  • The Surfer Nerd

    Rightfully. One of the best games in any platform of the last few years!

  • nickmorgs

    Those crazy Canadians.

    Great game though.

  • Austin Riddle

    I absolutely love this game, until I actually play it.  The art, the music, the ambience is amazing, but I've deleted it 3 times now.  I'm relatively ashamed of this, as I'm also Canadian

    • brendan kirk

      Have to agree. I've deleted 3 times as well since after a few hours of play it just sits on my iPad untouched for months. The music is great, has a cool art style but I seriously think that's all people are looking at because this game is SO freakin' boring!! It's more an interactive piece of media art than a game and kudos for that but it doesn't hold it up as fun to play. My shame is not quite as deep though, I'm only a Canadian-in-law.

      • Bridget


        It looks nice, and I'm sure the music is fine.

        .....but it REALLY sounds boring as all hell.  

        I really just dont "get" this particular game at all.

      • Eli Hodapp

        I bet you guys loved Transformers 3. 😉

      • Bridget

        Never saw it.  I dont watch movies.  Or TV, actually.

        Though, all those Baysplosions might be at least a little less boring than Sword & Whatever.

      • jonathanjk

        Yes, this is a great description. Manipulating trees and saving sprites is tedious and obscure. After the very first fight with the demon in the temple place (which had me say 'oh wow' out loud the first time) the game goes downhill fast.

      • Trent Gibson

        I'm goin to have to agree as well. I saw the reviews and didn't mind botanicular which i thought must be similar. The similarities end with them both having lovely sound effects and visuals. After going into the dream I realised I wasn't having any fun at all... just going through the motions of slowly walking places.

    • whatshit

      Yes, same here, actually i was just thinking...should i put it on my new ipad.

       But yeah I have deleted it a number of times, never finished it. Its great to look and listen to/at but not so much fun to play. I remember falling asleep playing it more than anything...and googling to get past the next screen with no clue of where to rub or touch the screen to make something happen.

  • Mike

    First time I've even heard of this game..................

  • Crex1111

    Definitely a game that is well deserving of all those nominations (I'm actually surprised however that it wasn't nominated for Best Audio)

    Still can't believe that it has been a year since this was a released.

  • GamerGuy

    I also wanted to really love this game, just can't.  Dig the visuals...but its too boring.
    Definitely not the best game of any platform in years....It's just kinda 'neat'...

    It all started when they spelled sorcery

  • himanshu modi

    It's nominated for "On the Go" category as well. How's that? If there were any game that were supposed to be played in a dark room with a set of headphones blocking out all noise and pouring the games music in your ears, this would be that game. It's got a lunar calendar to follow and all... Certainly not a game you can play "on the go".

  • Martin Noriander

    Good to see I'm not alone with my feelings towards the game. I was beginning to think I was doing something really wrong. I want to love but just can't. Art is nice because it leaves much to your imagination and music is interesting and creatively used. Story is fun and clever. But it's like someone said already, the game is some kind interactive media showcase. And all the praise is getting a bit silly.

  • Scott Barley

    My girlfriend and I are both art students, and we both have similar taste, especially when it comes to atmosphere and experimentation, and yet, while I love this game, she just doesn't get it. The game definitely polarises people, and I think that it's all the better for it. It can spark debate. I am also a huge David Lynch fan, and I love the several references to his work and aesthetic. I think that "The Archetype" is straight from a Lynchian world. The concept of the lunar cycle having an effect on the games environment is ingenious. Plus, S&S EP is the only game for any system, that I've downloaded the soundtrack for. I'm extremely happy for the developers to be nomianted and I really hope that they make more games which allow us to delve deeper into their world.

  • Marek Sedlar

    Guess im only one, who didnt like the game from start.

  • Vladimir Roth

    What's great about this game is that the guys at Capy were bold enough to make game they, and people like them, will love to play. This game does not aim to be loved by everyone, this game is unique, niche, piece of art. This is a huge inspiration and motivation to many other indie devs that may be too scared to go down this path and rather end up producing yet another clone fo angry birds. Don't feel weird if you don't like this game, that's normal, you're not supposed to love every game on the appstore 🙂 I personally would love to see much more unique games like S&S on the AppStore.

  • darkcrayon

    I loved this game.  Disappointed there is no news of a direct sequel.  Probably my favorite game so far on the iPad.