‘Daniel Johnston’s Space Ducks’ – An Interactive Glimpse into the Art and Music of Daniel Johnston

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Hey Daniel Johnston fans, there’s another Johnston-centric game on the App Store. Daniel Johnston’s Space Ducks (Free) joins Hi, How Are You ($2.99) with another look into his art and music. This time around, it’s much less of a game when compared to the puzzle elements of Hi, How Are You, and instead could be described as an “interactive comic book experience."

Space Ducks is free, and as you play through it you slowly unlock all the songs from Johnston’s upcoming album. If you’ve never heard of Daniel Johnston, Hi, How Are You is likely a much better gateway drug than Space Ducks (Check out our review of Hi, How Are You.), but, either way, I dig these sort of gamified comic book apps.

Getting access to new music early (and for free) is just icing on the cake.

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