A Much-Needed ‘rComplex’ Update Hit

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The iPhone and iPad port of Interwave Studios’ endless runner rComplex [$1.99] hit the App Store with a tremendous thud last week, as it failed to provide its users with the tools to succeed in the game’s artistically gifted world. On top of needing powers that Professor Xavier would find fascinating just to avoid the game’s obstacles, players had to deal with slow animations and bogus collisions. These problems have been addressed, however, in a hip, new patch. And, hey, the game’s is totally playable now.

Version 1.2 of rComplex, which cleared Apple certification on March 24, pulls the game’s camera back a notch so you can see what you need to avoid without fancy psychic powers. Also, the jump animation has been improved alongside the game’s collision detection. In all, these fixes make rComplex a substantially better, and enjoyable, game. If the early reception kept you from taking the plunge, consider re-considering. Or something.

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