It was just this past Friday that we took an in-depth look at Digital Tales' Battleloot Adventure, a new action-focused RPG, and really enjoyed what we saw in our preview copy. The game had been submitted to Apple and we were hopeful that the final version of the game would be available sometime this week. Well, the Apple approval gods must have been shining down on Digital Tales, as literally the very next day Battleloot Adventure [99¢/HD] appeared in the App Store.

Our preview of Battleloot Adventure should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect based on our limited time with the game, but we'll definitely be curious to see how the experience holds up through the entire game. We'll be putting Battleloot Adventure through the ringer to test out that very thing, but all signs seem to point to a quality offering with a stellar art style and presentation, wonderfully simple combat mechanics, and the usual character leveling elements that come with an RPG. You can grab Battleloot Adventure from the links below, or check in on our forums for even more impressions.

  • farnsworth_pro

    Seems like a rushed copy of Battle Heart... unless you can outdo the quality of the game you're inspired by, I'm not sure why people wouldn't just play Battle Heart

    • Dora Breckinridge

      I've played Battle Heart. I don't really see too much in common between the two titles other than the fantasy setting and the cutesy-poo design. This is a lot more rock-paper-scissors turn-based strategy, while Battle Heart is a lot more quick seat-of-your-pants style of play from what I remember. While they may LOOK alike, I think calling this one a "clone" is a mistake.

  • Dora Breckinridge

    It's cute. It's really cute and the overall design is beautiful. But it's still a little mmmmmnnnnyeah for me. Don't get me wrong; for .99 it's a remarkably well presented little strategy game. But at the same time, there are things that feel like they should have been tightened up or addressed. Blocking is ridiculous; it SHOULD work as they describe like in the Super Mario RPGs or Penny Arcade Adventures, but you can hammer on your characters until you're blue in the face and the best you can pull off is a half-hearted block partway through the attack (I've tapped characters AT ALL POINTS and this still happens) or immediately afterwards. Blocking should be instantaneous the moment your finger touches someone.

    It's a bunch of little issues. The nagging for the option IAP of gold gets annoying. The game continually booting you back to the main map whenever you access your armory is silly. The typos or mistakes in the boring dialogue are distracting. The SUPER LOUD and repetitive panting sound tired characters make will make you want to turn your sound off...

    Ultimately, at .99 I'm not really sorry I bought it, but it's already starting to feel a little repetitive to me and is definitely trying to scoot by more on it's (admittedly stellar) visual presentation than anything else. It's not something to avoid, but it's not as great as it could have been either.

  • JCat_NY

    I didn't get a BattleHeart vibe  while playing this at all. If anything, the upgrade system  reminds me of it a bit. I am kind of enjoying Battleloot, particularly the way the combo attack work. As Dora mentioned, the panting sound does get on your nerves, and actually makes you feel anxious while playing (not in a good way).

     What this game needs is a) A bigger font -- I mean, for crying out loud, not all of us are 15 years old. B). A way to quickly call up the color stats for a quick reference. 

     Characters belong to different color groups and each color has a strength and weakness against other colors (e.g. Green class is better at battling purple, etc..). There is no help screen on this, because this info appears only in one of the earliest  battle tutorials. If you forgot which colors work best against others, you need to go back and play (battle) it over again  to see this info displayed ....and the irony is, the font style/size they use is hardly legible. The actual dialogue "box" is big enough to house a larger font. There's all this wasted blank space! The game could use some tweaks, but I am definitely enjoying it overall. I was a  bit put off seeing IAP (anyone else completely sick and tired of this crap?), but at least this game doesn't need it.

  • GamerGuy

    I want to try this game, and normally would be instant install at 99cents....but then hearing about the annoying IAP makes me not want to anymore...

    I'd rather pay more for a full game.

    • Gagapokerface

      It's kinda like Super Mario RPG, the battles are turn based but there is a timing-based tap mechanic used for combos and "blocking" incoming attacks. It's quite a bit different than Battleheart. I'm not sure how annoying the IAP will be yet, might want to wait for a full review.

  • UnSurreal

    Yeah... the possible need to purchase IAP and unknown game length are the only reasons I haven't pulled the trigger. Waiting on the full review.

  • Tiger Claw Strike Force

    What is everyone talking about Battleheart for?? This game is COMPLETELY different.  Battleloot is turn-based, battleloot is real-time action with a swipe system connecting characters with lines.  I honestly like battleloot WAY more than battleheart.  Battleheart was a failure of a game to me.  If you want a game like battleheart get Heroes vs. Monsters.  That game is almost EXACTLY like battleheart except there is more loot, gameplay is better, and you dont have to drag lines to everyone, you can select and tap (much more efficient and less annoying).  Battleloot is pretty cool, sure it's not a hardcore, amazing rpg, but for $.99 it is def. worth it, and there is new content coming up.  Also the game is not incredibly challenging, but there is a little grinding needed in order to complete some of the missions (for me, but it's fun).  Also the IAP are completely unnecessary, but nice to have there just in case you get lazy for farming gold.  Great game, overall 4.5/5  ALL DAY.

    • GamerGuy

      "Battleloot is turn-based, battleloot is real-time action"   Which is