It's been a long week (Well, a little more than a week.) of waiting since the new iPad was announced. But, if you were in the initial batch of preorders or are ambitious enough to head to an Apple Store today, you should have a new iPad in your hot little hands right now. I just got done unboxing and syncing mine, and I'm sort of at a loss as to what to post about it, as I really think the new iPad is what everyone expected it to be.

The screen is incredible, and inspires that same sense of awe the first time you see it that the original Retina Display of the iPhone 4 did. No photos, screenshots, or videos will do the display of the new iPad justice. You simply must see it for yourself to truly appreciate just how ridiculously high resolution it is.

I've run through the list of the few games that are Retina-ready, and am totally impressed that the new iPad can actually pull off running all these games with performance levels that seem on par with the iPad 2, only at double the resolution. The GPU Apple packed in this thing doesn't mess around.

Remember how non-Retina apps on the iPhone 4 looked like total trash comparatively during that awkward transition where not very much was Retina-ready? Well, oddly enough, non-Retina apps and games on the new iPad actually don't look all that bad at all. There's obviously a huge contrast between things running at 1024x768 and 2048x1536, but it doesn't seem to induce that same jarring "Oh wow, this looks bad" that non-Retina iPhone apps did. Maybe it's just me.

Just like the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 4S, the new iPad is a solid upgrade over the iPad 2. In my opinion, the screen is worth the cost of admission alone, but again, like the iPhone 4 to the 4S, the iPad 2 still is as capable of a device as it ever was. What I'm anxious to see is what sort of apps and games developers are going to start churning out developed from the ground up specifically with the new iPad in mind instead of just resolution-boosting updates.

But enough of my rambling, those of you who braved the Apple store or waited for FedEx to show up today, tell us your first impressions of the new iPad in the comments here. Is it everything you wanted and more? A worthy upgrade? A little disappointing? Let's have it!

  • David Uglava


    • cyberpyrot

      Well I will be playing with a wonderfull peice of paper that says UPS will try again on monday. Of all the days my wife chooses to be out and about.

      • JCat_NY

        Sometimes they let you go to the UPS station and pick it up once the driver is back with all the non-deliverable boxes for the day. Not sure if that works where you are, but you should call and try?

  • Kevin Donovan

    Iphone retina games now look great too in 2x mode, now they use the retina graphics as they should always have but didn't on previous ipads.

  • Brandon B

    Based on the performance I have seen this is the first true device that will allow developers to honestly claim "A Console Experience".
    On the disappointment side, Apple went to a lot of trouble to beef up and promote the camera. Sadly, they excluded a flash and so the quality of even the 5MP images still looks grainy if taken in very low light levels.

  • Cat Astrophy

    I have a friend who just walked into a Target at 8am and walked out 2m later with one. A lot of people didn't seem to know that Target is carrying them.

    • Craig Girard

      Best Buy has hundreds just sitting there.

      • Cat Astrophy

        The BBs by me all had long lines and sold out. Maybe you live in Podunk, USA but BB was a well known carrier for launch.

      • John Francis

        Best Buys around the country got hundreds per store and the entire southeast region has plenty (i'm looking at inventory). They may be gone tomorrow but I imagine only heavily trafficked metro areas being sold out.

    • bones boy

      Thats what i did. Was the fourth of 4 in Target Friday morning. Of course I live in BFE.

  • Adams Immersive

    Thanks for the gamer’s perspective! Maybe if I get back to working on my game I can justify one of these for testing... yeah... that’s the ticket...

    Except I do want them to add a larger-capacity model on the high end. No reason they can’t do that mid-year with no other changes; that has happened in the past with the iPhone.

    (Storage would matter less if I could delete and re-install massive games without losing my progress. iCloud to the rescue? Eventually.)

  • JCat_NY

    Just got ours --didn't open yet, as I'm still working and it will only screw me up the rest of the day lol. So psyched to update the currently supported apps that I own which have jumped to ipad Retinaville. Sky Gamblers tonight. I had the White iPad 2 and we sold our two through eBay. Now, I decided to go for the black 'new' iPad. It's funny how most of the new ipad ads show the white one lol.

    • HRSpider

      "ours"? Are you sharing yours? Madness.

  • Darrell Farmer

    Missed out on ipad 2, so I'm more than impressed with everything this pad can do so far. Went to my local store in the Uk, thought their would be more people queing.

  • Aaron Sullivan

    Oh no! The new screen makes me see jagged pixels on every other screen in my house.

    One reason lines are shorter in the US is the early morning workday launch. Also, there was no preorder to get a delivery for launch day for the iPad 2, right?

    I picked one up for my father-in-law at an Apple store and I'm playing with it before giving it to him. It's a great device.

    One thing I haven't seen reported much is how much richer the colors are compared to an iPhone 4. I held the same photo up on the devices side by side and the difference was dramatic to me. Also, the DPI numbers between iPhone 4 and the new iPad may be different, but I wouldn't have guessed it by even looking very closely at them.

    Haven't really gamed at all as my father-in-law has no games on his iTunes account.

    It has ruined me for other displays and I'm not planning on buying one this year so I'm just going to go ahead and try to forget they exist for awhile. 🙂

  • ianlogsdon

    I've had my iPad for a couple hours, downloaded some of my core apps, but I'm on LTE so I can't download any games of substance. Still, kindle reading is breathlessly good.

  • IMNS

    New iPad sucks! The retina display is useless IMHO. Who really needs that many pixels on a 10 inch screen? It doesn't even have a quad core CPU. RAM should have been at least 2 gb too. Anyone who buys this one is just a mindless sheep.

    I'm going to wait for windows 8 tabs instead (or until apple launches iPad 3 in my country, whichever comes first. Can't wait!)

    • Steven Lewis

      Have you actually seen the new display? I think not as it is gorgeous and while those extra pixels are not totally necessary, they do have a huge impact. Going back to the iPad 2 display is like adding a blur filter!

      Happy to be a mindless sheep!

      • IMNS

        Stfu sheep. I'm not wasting my money on this thing. Nothing in this world can change my mind* !!

        *(I reserve the right to change my mind the moment I get a chance to buy this beast. It's not launched in my country yet :/ )

      • Jaywu

        wow, you seem like your ..bumhole has been hurt by a large man.

      • M. Niazy

        You got trolled. Read the last part of his post.

    • Rob Geeson

      Sour grapes don't taste that good, do they.

    • Lamar Taylor

      The only people who don't like the new iPad are folks who don't have one or folks who can't afford one. The new iPad has the best screen of any tablet in the market today, it has a 10 hour battery, and the app selection is amazing and fragmentation free unlike Android tablets. You can stay on the sidelines with your negativity while iPad owners enjoy the best tablet on the market while you drool over something that doesn't even exist today.

  • Tim Jordan

    Hey guys, what is the RAM on this bad boy?  1 gb?

    • Scott Barley


  • Steven Lewis

    I love my new iPad 3. The display is amazing. My favorite thing to mention though is how painless and easy it was to transfer the contents over from my iPad 2. It only took a few minutes and consisted of the following steps:

    Make an up-to-date backup to iCloud on the iPad 2.
    Turn on the new iPad and go through the startup steps. When it gets to the prompt about how to set up the new iPad, select the restore from iCloud backup.

    A few minutes later I am up and running while all my existing apps that were installed on the iPad 2 are being automatically downloaded to the new iPad. Of course, all the data seems to be there as well.

    Kudos, Apple! Once again, you exceeded my expectations. 🙂

  • Rich Niewiroski Jr.

    Coming from the iPad 2, I have to say, I'm not very impressed. I mean what's the killer feature that makes me really excited about this thing? The retina display? It's hardly noticeable. Definitely, not as noticeable as the iPhone 3Gs to the iPhone 4. That's for sure. The iSight camera? Big deal. Who is really using that camera on content that requires more megapixels? It's that what your phone's camera or a compact camera is for? So then the 4G LTE speeds are where it's at, right? Not for me. Don't care and don't want it. Mine is just the wifi version and I'm very happy with that. How about dictation then? Well if this isn't just a huge slap in the face reminder as to the device not having Siri, I don't know what is. Yeah, not very impressed.

    • Will Buckingham

      I cannot disagree more about the display.  Any application that uses the new screen resolution looks so much better than those that don't it's bothersome.  All the old resolution icons look jagged and the pixel doubling on non-retina iPhone games makes it abundantly clear that they're not ideal for the platform anymore.  Even in iPad native 1024x768 apps you can easily see the pixelated edges now.  All I can say is, I really hope a lot of devs update their apps in a timely fashion.

      As far as official apps go, in iBooks the text is amazingly smooth in comparison to the old iPads.  I can't wait to use this on my upcoming 6-hour flight this week.  I got the 64GB model this time, so I'm going to download half a season of 1080p TV to watch (which I actually have space for now!) and read some books on the trip.

      • Rolland Latta

        What tv shows do you have in 1080p? I have never seen anything broadcast in 1080p.

      • Will Buckingham

        Not that all of the encodes are perfect by any means, but iTunes switched over to 1080p availability of all (or at least all I've looked at) of their HD shows.  In this particular case, I bought Smallville season 9 in HD off iTunes, and it does have a bluray equivalent.  I would normally just go for the bluray as it's cheaper, but as I said, I have a long flight ahead of me, so I wanted some content to put on the iPad.

  • Tanner Arnett

    My first iPad. Everything is great so far. Anyone notice the bottom back left corner heat up after about 20 minutes of use? Not sure if this is normal.

    • Ruff Draft

      What was you doing when it heated up after 20 mins? Mine's not really been warm much apart from when I added photos... Been on it for nearly 6 hours now lol

      • Tanner Arnett

         Just installing apps, etc.  Nothing really crazy.  I've seen on some apple forums that others are experiencing the same warm up on the left side.  Could be from the battery.  Nothing hot just gets a little warm on the hands.  Even carries over to the front touch screen.

      • Ruff Draft

        I haven't noticed it apart from when I was loading pictures too.

        I'll be back though as I'm going to start gaming with some new ipad ready games.

    • Zein Nassif

      i noticed it heating up only after playing the bigger sized games and installing apps

  • Goimot

    Really enjoying it, but after playing Real Racing 2 HD for 15 mins it gets warm on the bottom left. 4G LTE 64 gb.

    • bones boy

      Couldn't agree with you more. I dont remember any of the other iPads getting this warm over such a short period of time.

  • Ruff Draft

    Overall, very pleased.

    Had the iPad 1 on release day, but never bothered upgrading to iPad 2.

    Have to say that I'm pleased I didn't. This screen is unreal and it's still lightning quick to me as I'm used to iPad 1 speeds!

    Dictation doesn't work well for me (UK), however it's still a nice feature I'll try to get used to!

    Camera is grainy indoors. Not that impressed with it.

    The screen however? Amazing. I agree with the reviewer. I'd upgrade just for the screen.

  • Bob

    This so called new ipad2 is garbage. It's just like my ipad2 just a little better and it has LTE.  Besides that it's not worth the money. Ipads should cost no more then $350. Going to return my new ipad2 tomorrow. I hope the return line isn't to long.

    • Tor Iver Wilhelmsen

      Yeah, what gives? I mean the 2012 Ford Escort has the same number of wheels as the 2011 model! I demand a refund!

      (Hint: It is a lot better.)

    • JCat_NY

      Don't you actually have to own one first to return it?  

  • Bob

    Sorry it's called  new ipad . Talk about not pointing no thought into the product or the name. The ifad is starting to fad. 

    • Eli Hodapp


    • Tor Iver Wilhelmsen

      Yeah, I mean upping a number by one takes so much thought.

      I guess my non-numbered MacBook Pro and iPod Touches are long since faded... what with not having a number after them.

    • beauty667

      the lack of thought seems relevant more to your comments

  • Buchanon Dowling

    I pre-ordered mine on launch day and had it held at the local FedEx location because I was working today. I had a difficult time picking it up at the FedEx location because 2 of the idiot employees couldn't figure out how to read my name on the box it was shipped in. It took another employee, me waiting on hold with the customer service and three phone calls from customer service to the local FedEx for them to figure out that they need to look at every box in the holding bin before telling customers their packages are not there.

    So, a new take on the time-old pollack jokes: how many FedEx employees does it take to find an iPad 3 in a bin full of boxes? Three...

    I am enjoying my new toy otherwise...

  • Justin

    I love the new iPad 3 but haven't seen the new resolution cause I kept the apple cover on till I get my ZAGG HD for the new iPad

  • GiHub

    I have an iPad 2 and now I bought the new iPad. My first reaction, is, well, I'm not too sure. Hmm.

    Ok so everything looks a lot crisper, very similar to the iPhone 4 only on a bigger screen. But:
    Is it just me or are the colors over saturated? Everything seems to me as if it is neon lit. I especially noticed this with the color blue when navigating links for example of web pages.
    The machine is also heavier and it is noticeable. I like reading in bed and it definitely feels bulkier and heavier. A bit like stepping back to the original iPad.

    Does anybody else have the same sentiments especially regarding the screen?

  • Ed Rempalski

    I've come from iPad1 to iPad2 and now iPad3, via mail.  I spent one stint in a apple store line only to have them run out and vowed never again would I waste my time, but I did enjoy the crowd dynamic for the most part.

    Anyhow, the 3, to me it's slightly better, side by side to the 2, the display is sharper for sure, colors more vibrant.  My web-cam app videos are sharper and better. Overall the upgrade is just a step better.  The much bigger battery will take longer to charge for sure.  But the big change for me is wireless...

    I got an ATT 3G version cause I always had ATT before.  Initially I was concerned that the dock connector was defective as the cable was much more difficult to plug in than any other of the 6-8 apple devices I own.  I tested the 4G LTE with speedtest and it was not much better than the iPad2 3G had been.  It was about 2-3MB/sec before and was now approx 5MB/sec down and under 2MB/sec up.  I called ATT and was told that LTE "should" be approx 5-12 MB/sec down and 2-5 MB/sec up.

    Not very impressive, add to this that Verizon announced free iPad tethering, I decided to return my new iPad for the dock connector and to ask to exchange for a Verizon version.

    I called my local Apple store and as it turns out was able to just walk in to the store, even on iPad3 release day, and make the swap, no line at all!  They checked the dock connector and agreed that it seemed defective.

    I bring the new iPad3 home, guess what, the dock connector is the same!  Super stiff, very hard to plug in the cable on this one as well, interesting.

    Wireless, I activated the Verizon account, tested with speedtest, 17MB down and 10MB/sec up!!!  I activated the iPad Personal Hotspot, connected an AppleTV via WiFi to the pad and easily streamed movies to it and netflix, it just kicks butt!

    Conclusion, I had unlimited ATT data $30/month, grandfathered from my iPad1 and gave it up for $30/month 2GB with free Hotspot on Verizon and am not looking back.  I had tracked my data usage over the years and 2GB is plenty for my usage patterns.

  • Erik Wilgenhof

    I never saw a reason to upgrade from iPad 1 to 2 because the resolution was the same. The new iPad is very nice though. I really hope they will come out with some good games instead of the 100th version of angry birds (now with retina HD!)..

    • Doug Reed

      I don't know, the idea of a retina HD version of a red bird hitting the nasty piggies sounds pretty awesome :^)

  • Marcus McCain

    Just went to Wal-mart today and saw that they had the new IPad, so I snagged one. This is my first IPad and I love it. I bought a 1st gen iPad for my wife for Christmas when it came out, but hadn't really used it. So I put them side by side and wow, what a difference.

    Real racing 2 looks freaking amazing!!!!!

  • Eli Hodapp

    I hope you keep your AT&T unlimited SIM active to resell it. They're worth almost as much as an actual iPad these days.

  • Randy Morimoto

    Ok, I don' know if anybody have already said this, but people that are waiting for more graphical amazing graphics in games for the new iPad, well you just might wait untill the next "new iPad" hits the market. Anybody that knows or understands a little bit of graphics chips, knows that more resolution means less performance, that's the GOLDEN rule for everything computer graphics related. Just look at those monster beasts that are the new cards for PC or Mac (you can use some of then in you Mac Pro). They are super powerfull (compare to the A5x gpu) but I bet try to run some new games at the insane new iPad (ok, that just bad naming) resolution and you will clearly see some performance issues. Developers could try to optimize their code but only to a point that it would be a little bit better than running it on a iPad 2 at it original resolution. So why Apple even bother? well it had to, there is no freaking way that the A5 would ran games or heavy graphics apps at 2048x1536 without making fell like your a watching a slow motion scene. Kudos to Apple for trying but its obvious that they didn't do their best work here...... oh Steve now we feel your absence.

  • Alexander Zakharov

    I've had iPad1, now there's iPad2 64 3g with me wherever i go. I would've upgraded to the third edition, if there is an LTE edition for Russia. IPads are either 700 or 2100MHz, however here we have 2500-2700MHz frequency range... Apple has promised to get all the local carriers special editions of iPads with right LTE-support but have never mentioned any dates...

  • completebob

    No thanks, ANDROID all the way baby! )