New iPads are popping up all over Asia, and aside from a variety of unboxing and comparison videos, it seems that the first set of GLBenchmark 2.1 [$4.99] results have come in.

MacRumors explains:

Benchmarking the graphics performance of the new iPad also showed significant improvement over the iPad 2, with benchmarking tests boosting performance from 90 frames per second (fps) to 140 fps in the GLBenchmark 2.1.1 Egypt offscreen test and from 146 fps to 250 fps in the GLBenchmark 2.1.1 Pro offscreen test. Similar data had previously been uploaded to GLBenchmark's site, although its authenticity has not been confirmed.

If these results turn out to be true, the new iPad could be a absolute beast in the gaming department. Ever since the announcement of the new iPad, our community has been justifiably worried about the graphical performance. I really hope these benchmarks are real, because, wow.

Keep in mind, like most benchmarks, take these alleged results with a grain of salt. We'll have to wait to get our iPads on Friday to see how the actual real-world on-screen performance actually is.

  • michael bluth

    Now that pixelated dragon you payed 100 dollars for will look even prettier.

  • JCat_NY

    Within the past two weeks we went from being curious about the specs to delivery in two more days! 

  • rustyjaw

    I've seen it discussed elsewhere that the GLBenchmark app runs at 1024x768 even on the iPad 3 because it hasn't been updated for the retina display yet, so these benchmarks might not reflect performance at 2048x1536

    • IMNS

      Yes. That's exactly what I was thinking. The correct conclusin of these tests is that the iPad 3's GPU is twice as fast as iPad 2 in pixel double mode. How it performs at native retina resolution might be a different story altogether.

    • zwei

      That's what I assumed. The good thing is that games will look better on the new iPad either way. If they can't eek out 30-60fps @ 2048x1536, they can always drop back to 1024x768 and crank up the effects!

      • Steven Lewis

        I can't help but wonder if the extra pixels will have much benefit at all in the vast majority of games. Sure, there will be plenty of developers that will promote the retina graphics, but it will mostly be marketing more then anything else. After developers have the new iPad for a while, the real fun will start and I believe it will mostly be at non-retina resolutions.

      • housewarmer

        Of course they will. How many iPhone games only support 480x320? 

    • Adam Gibson

      glbenchmark tests offscreen to get around the vsync issues which limit the ipad to 60fps.  That is why the benchmarks look the same for ipad 2 and ipad gen 3 when rendering onscreen(60fps).  The offscreen tests render at 720p (1280x720) and they showed that the ipad 2 got 90.1 fps and the ipad gen 3 got 140.9 fps.  That is 56% faster frame rate at 720p.  Not the twice as fast as Apple promised but still significant.

      It will be very interesting to see a glbenchmark scores if someone modified glbenchmark to render at 1080p and 2048x1536.

  • MidianGTX

    If people would just shut up about 60fps and accept that 30 is fine we'd have better games all round.

    • Ramiro Mohaded

       30 is fine? Where did you come up with that? It's nowhere near fine. I'd rather have a "fine" looking game running smooth at 60+fps than a "good" looking game struggling to get above 30 fps. Speak for yourself bro. It may be fine for YOU, but I assure you it's NOT for a whole bunch of us.

      • MidianGTX

        Zzzz. Bored of this uninformed fad. For whatever reason, people think it's cool to moan about sub-60 games these days. Maybe they think it makes them look intelligent or high-maintenance, some crap like that. Fact is they're basing what they know on pure, unbridled bullcrap.

      • Will Buckingham

        Or it could be that having 60 fps at the goal allows for the game to dip during high processing moments without having the game look like it's lagging badly.  I hit anywhere from 30-65 fps on my two year old top end (at the time) PC playing online games, but during busy battles that sometimes drops to 20 or less.  Should I return all the new parts I just got because "30 fps is fine"?  I like to see the technology continue advancing, and I'm looking forward to my new iPad this Friday.

  • Scott Lembcke

    Talked with a guy on the Apple GL team at GDC. He confirmed that it's 2x the computing power for 4x as many pixels. If you can't target retina proper, you can at least bump the resolution up by 1.4x and still run at the same speed. Slightly better than with pixel doubling, but still some stretching artifacts.

  • darwiniandude

    Ok, so at 1280x720 (off screen) new iPad is 56% faster. But for a complex scene(under 60fps), iPad 2 would be faster at 1024x768 than 1280x720.
    So the question is, will new iPad at 2048x1536 be slower than iPad 2 at 1024x768. We still don't know.

  • B3nlok

    I know some people here have multiple orgasms when they hear *Retina Display*, but IMO its just overkill. The fact is the chip technology  is  just not here yet to push that amount of pixels. Some of you are expecting too much. Like i said before, i would rather see the extra processing power of the new Ipad being
    used for things that can really make diference to the eyes, like
    dinamic lightning , bloom and other post processing effects. Call me crazy

    • housewarmer

      You're crazy.

    • Ramiro Mohaded

       You actually make sense, in my opinion. While the "Retina Display" is great for general purposes, basically reading stuff and such, when it comes to rendering games, that resolution is just too expensive, and I agree, it would be better to spend those resources on shading effects and the like, but well, at least 2D games would benefit greatly from it, and aren't as costly to render.

    • B

      For games that may well be true, we'll have to wait and see, though of course they can still make games for a smaller number of pixels if they can't run fast enough at the full resolution.

      But for reading, the Retina display makes a BIG difference, and a lot of people who buy iPads are getting them for reading and websurfing in addition to (or instead of) gaming.

      It's what I was waiting for before I started seriously considering buying an iPad, at any rate.

      • Will Buckingham

        I agree, I'm really looking forward to using the new iPad as a reader finally.  I've done a fair amount on my iPad 2 but it always makes my eyes tired.  The clearer text will be extremely nice for getting through some of my Kindle purchases that have been gathering digital dust.

  • m13

    Twice the graphic power but quadruple the number of pixels. I am guessing same frame rate at best.

  • GamerGuy

    Gaming on iPad will never be as good no matter how good the graphics get.  Game controls are the biggest fault.  Unless we're talkin Angry Birds Super HD Edition...

    Then there will be 3rd party controllers and the games will cost a lot more to develop which will drive prices way up.
    Then why not just play 360 or PS3 on a big screen tv with a great controller?

    • Sergio Soares

      Nowadays I play games on a PS Vita and on the Ipad1. And to be honest if the Ipad had two back touch pads like the entire PS Vita back touch thingy the ipad would be even better for gaming. I always fall to my Ipad and I for one like touchscreen controls. And I used to be a Quake 3 1vs1 hardcore PC gamer... I guess once I got older casual gaming on an Ipad started to be fun for me. PS3 and the 360 are taking massive blows to the wallet because of this new way of casual gaming.

      My point is... gaming on the Ipad is growing, gaming on the consoles you mencioned isn't growing that much.

  • CurtNeedsaRide _

    I totally agree with all of you who aren't too excited about that retina display. In my opinion, the graphics for games like Infinity Blade 2 or Modern Combat 3 are good enough for me! And the framerate on the iPad 2 looks great for those.

    But now let's consider all of us who have an iPad 2 and ARE happy with it's performance... Does this new iPad mean that the new games will all be pushing so hard that our iPad 2's will not be able to play them well?!?

    Maybe developers will make 2 copies of games for now and have one copy be the 4GB new game for the retina display iPad and the other copy be the 500MB version for the iPad 2/iPad 1. That way, at least they could sell to a broader audience.

    Either way, though, I don't mind reading my Kindle books on the iPad 2... So, even if all the games get too massive and powerful for my weak tablet, I'll still be able to read the books based on these games.

  • AcneVulgaris

    Looks like the odd numbered releases are the weaklings, and the even numbered ones are the ones that can actually use all the hardware.  I think I'll hold out for the iPad 4.

  • GamerGuy

    Not to mention that there are already games on iPad2 that are over 500 mb.  Imagine how big games will get with the new power of iPad3?  Which surprises me that the largest storage is still 64gb.

    I get the reader use of iPad3.  Some people are talking about the great photo editing opportunity.  I get all that.  I don't get the 5megapixel camera, you're have an amazing screen to view sub par photos taken with the iPad3 camera....hmmm.  I know, take pics with the camera you paid over $1,000 for.  LOL.   Just saying.   Oh, is there going to be an iPad 4?   If so, I might wait for that one at the end of this year.    HA!

  • AdamM

    Upgrading every other generation seems to work pretty well considering it takes a year or more to start really pushing the hardware, for games at least. Good news is the iPad 3 should be able to play any game at iPad 1/2 resolution for a long, long time with the quad core chip.

  • Jez Hammond

    Retina excites this geek, and I have full confidence in the Quad-GPU...a local tester is buying today 🙂

  • theundertow

    Just replaced my launch iPad 2 / 3G Verizon 64GB due to issues from initial batch and via Apple Care and finished restoring over night. ecided today to pass to my wife.

    After going "back and forth" since the launch news hit and not preordering, I just picked up a new iPad 64GB Verizon 4G that happened to be there due to unopened/return (otherwise Best Buy was sold out of the 4G 64GB of all carriers/colors).

    While I like the iPad 1 / 2 screen (and would say its sufficient for most casual users), I can't wait to check out the screen, updated games, and HD content on it.

    Going to unbox tonight and may look to run some game and general comparisons between the two.