This afternoon, Fabrication Games rolled by TouchArcade HQ in San Francisco to show off its super hip upcoming iPad and iPhone side-scroller, Project Belle. Mechanically, it appears to be a fairly traditional shooter-style take on the genre. Players control a funny bear thing with four arms, each of which is equipped with a gun, and they unload those guns on a variety of cutesy, though dangerous, enemy robots. Interestingly, Belle also incorporates cave flying levels, as well as rail cart excursions.

What caught our all-seeing eye specifically is its moment-to-moment flow. Belle is controlled exclusively via swipe gestures, which keeps the shooting, jumping, and bouncing action rolling at a steady clip. Gorgeous art compliments this, as you'll see from the screens just below:

Project Belle is expected to launch a little later this month as a $.99 Universal app. It'll have free-to-play elements, too. In the game, you'll be able to obtain a variety of different weapons, each of which will require in-game credits to upgrade. At launch, users will be able to buy these credits with actual cash.