GDC 2012: A Quick Look At ‘Galaxy On Fire’s’ Upcoming HD Expansion And Its Other Expansion

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Earlier this afternoon in San Francisco, we got a quick look at the HD version of Galaxy On Fire 2‘s first expansion, Valkyrie. As fans would expect, Fish Labs has significantly ramped up the visuals in its now, second, HD re-release. Valkyrie HD boasts new models, a new lighting model, and significantly improved assets all around.

We also got to see a few moments of Fish Labs upcoming expansion for Galaxy on Fire 2, Super Nova. Fish Labs says it’ll match the content present in both the core game and its first expansion, Valkyrie HD. The build was early, but it was clear that Fish Labs has built several new assets, including ship models, and integrated a few new mechanics. Of note, users will have to monitor a “gamma" bar in addition to health. The super nova, in general, radically alters the game’s world. In one mission, we observed flares pummeling a sky spire. In another, a mission revolved around saving people before the explosion.

In an attempt to calm the Internet fury over the incoming HD expansion being released, Fish Labs is planning to put Galaxy On Fire 2 SD. Also, anyone with Galaxy On Fire 2 SD on their devices, will be able to unlock Valkyrie for free.

Here’s some screens of Valkyrie HD:

And here’s some concept art of Super Nova:

Of note, Fish Labs will continue support Apple’s latest tablets with HD versions. Valkyrie, for example, will be optimized for the third-gen iPad.

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