In the midst of GDC madness, we totally missed a release last night that our forum members have been going crazy waiting for: Mass Effect Infiltrator [$6.99]. EA is promising all sorts of buzzwords with this release, including throwing around descriptions like "a console-like experience." The game is entirely controlled via touch gestures, and is just dripping with Mass Effect fan service.

We're going to get crackin' on a full review, but in the meantime, swing by the thread on our forums. So far reactions to the game are remarkably mixed, with impressions landing all over the "love it" and "hate it" scale.

  • Devin

    I wouldn't be surprised if it got pulled due to issues like Battlefield 3 & The Simpsons Tapped Out or w/e.

    • Hampus

       Well Simpsosn Tapped out was pulled due to popularity, the servers couldn't handle the load of all the users :p

  • Mark

    "a console-like experience."
    you wish... it isn't even trying to be that.

    • rotopenguin

      Is it possible to play your iOS game without waiting for a system update to install first? Console-like indeed.

  • Leonardo Avesani

    Good graphics, lousy gameplay, serious control issues. There's your full review.

  • DwayneW

    I think its a pretty game game, but it has no brain, and no sense. The brutish douchebag tone they're going for with this Mass Effect title really off putting, even if you're going the "Paragon" route. What this game needs is an update that includes new (differing) voice samples, something that stabilizes the frame rate and gives us dual touch control. Every ugly and unwelcoming aspect of this app can be fixed with an update, better games like Shadowgun and Warm Gun have updates already, and they're roughly the same price as this game.

  • SomeRandomJerk

    If that awful ten minute gameplay trailer is indicative of what this game is like, then forget it. I would have loved to play an entertaining story driven mass effect experience on my mobile device, but this game has disappointment and missed opportunity written all over it.

  • Johan Eriksson

    I like how this game has better and more stable framerate than ME3 for my PS3 😛

  • michael bluth

    Can't stand the combat. I had a guy right in front of me and instead of being able to just shoot him, I have to move around in precise movements so the blue box around him appears. Then I have to click him. It sucks so bad.

  • Jared Castello

    The voice acting seems poor compared to other Mass Effect games.

    • SomeRandomJerk

      The voice acting seems poor compared to Saturday Morning Cartoons

  • famousringo

    I try to give credit for trying something new, but it just doesn't feel right to first start shooting, then start aiming. Fundamentally flawed.

  • Joseph

    Is that the Illusive Man's Voice?

  • Rob Geeson

    Oh God - my index finger got all over-excited the split second this landed.. And that's 40mins of perseverance and 5 English pounds I'll never get back.

    They've tried hard here but the controls just aren't intuitive - the core experience is consequently tarnished. It's a shame and I don't know if they can rescue it with a serious control update.

    But let's hope so.

  • stormchild

    A spaceship crash lands on an alien planet? Fresh!

  • Stevenseagal8

    So can anyone explain to me how shooting works in this? Are you only allowed to shoot from cover, and then, only when the reticule on an enemy turns blue? Thanks.

    • DwayneW

      You can shoot whenever an enemy is "highlighted," or "in-range," rather. You tap on the highlighted foe, then the game does the rest until you tap again to quit whatever you're doing. 'Same goes for ducking and emerging from cover positions. While your character is firing you can aim for weak points which are highlighted by the circular cross hairs targeted on your foe.

  • John Francis

    This is heartbreaking if the game is as bad as everyone says. Posters here are usually pretty fair too in considering the iOS audience. I'll probably break down and get it on sale but at this point it looks like I should just play ME3.

  • rekzkarz

    Sorry people aren't enjoying.  I didn't have the free space on iPhone 4 to install (680mb+!  Wow).  But I did buy Mass Effect 3 for PS3 and it *ROCKS*.  It's great.  I love it.
    It has multiplayer which is pretty darned fun!  Wish I could turn off other people's bluetooth conversations, tho.  heh
    I may have to get a bluetooth just to say "shut the hell up", except I don't think I'll say that.  More like, "hey why are you constantly whining into my videogame?"
    Funny to be playing a game (theoretically marketed for adults) and find all these 8 year olds playing it!

  • BulkSlash

    I'm very surprised no-one likes the controls, I think they're excellent. Swiping to move between cover points, tapping an enemy to pop out of cover and begin shooting... I think it's really quite intuitive and elegant and a brilliant evolution of the controls in Dead Space.

    If I had one complaint it's that it looks like the whole game is set in a Cerberus base, without the ability to travel to other locations. It would be nice to have a bit more visual variety, like going from grungy Omega to gleaming Ilium and then on to dusty Tuchanka, etc. Some dialogue trees would be nice too.

    • michael bluth

      Brilliant evolution from dead space? Intuitive?

      Lol bro.

  • Kelly Freeman

    Moden combat 3 is still the best iPad FPS game from my point.

  • jonathanjk

    It's like 'Time Crisis', but without the time, or the crisis. I was bored of the video at the 6 minute mark. More like 'Tedium Situation' to me.

    Sorry, hiding behind objects to shoot at people really limits the playability factor, plus the male archetype hasn't really moved on from the 90's. Are square jawed, hulked guys still in fashion?

    One last thing, if that's the opening level, where is the atmosphere, it seems like it never made an appearance from the get go? Walk, cover, shoot and repeat is not entertaining in the slightest.

  • Tina Aspiala

    All I needed to know about this (admittedly pretty) game is this: jumping forward through the trailer revealed the exact same guy doing the exact same thing in the exact same surroundings, with slightly different enemy death animations. Booooooriiiiiing.