GDC 2012: Halfbrick and The New ‘Jetpack Joyride’ Update

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Our Australian friends from Halfbrick are large and in charge at GDC this week, showing anyone willing to listen to their endearing accents the upcoming Jetpack Joyride [Free]. First off, we absolutely loved the game in our review, but since then it’s gone totally free and there’s absolutely no reason to not download it.

The new update is slated to land in April, and introduces a “gadget" system which works a lot like the perks system from Call of Duty and other similar games. Using coins, you can unlock different gadgets to equip on Barry which provide constant passive benefits. For instance, there are shoes that allow you to quickly jump to the middle of the screen before needing to use the jetpack. There’s a gadget that allows you to start while riding a vehicle, one that adds valuable gems to be collected in game, and so much more. There’s 15 in all, and two can be equipped at a time.

There’s also talks of more of these awesome trailers coming, showing off some more of the gadgets before the update hits.

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