Two years and a handful of weeks ago, we posted our review of FDG Entertainment's Across Age [$.99 / DX / HD]. It was, and still is, a thoughtful Zelda-like dungeon crawler with some hip moments and some fairly interesting time travel tomfoolery. The title caught fire in our forums, and we're pretty sure the number one question since its launch has been: "hey, when will we see Across Age 2?" After all this time, we've got an answer. Probably.

Earlier this afternoon, FDG blasted us the following image, which showcases two of the game's characters within a big-old fat 2012. We're not betting men because it seems like putting all our money on black never works, but if we were to rejoin the gamblers of the world in their activity, we'd slam down some change on Across Age 2 hitting this year. Fingers crossed!

  • Lee West

    Hooray. 🙂

  • Declan Bowers

    Cool. The game crashed for me after i ran through into a different area every time i played, but what i played gave me excellent impressions.

  • 5aga

    Across Age was a great game and I'm looking forward to a sequel. I just hope they don't take the fragmented path this go around. They need to release a universal app and avoid the releasing 3 different versions of the same game.