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Here’s An In-Game Glimpse Of ‘Hunger Games: Girl On Fire’

"Soon" means “timed to the theatrical release.”

Hunger Games: Girl on Fire sounds about as good as it looks. This afternoon, we nabbed a few in-game images of the runner-meets-shooter for our audience’s viewing pleasure. Girl on Fire, is of course, the “teaser" tie-in to the upcoming Hunger Games flick, which is based on the first book in a massively popular book trilogy. We’ve been advised that the events in this game will actually take place “towards the beginning" of the series.

Right, the images. Below, we’ve got an actual in-game look of lead protagonist Katniss Everdeen, as well as a shot of a level. Adam Saltsman, a member of the indie dream team heading up the title, describes Girl on Fire as a runner-y, shooter-y kind of thing. Like us, we think you’ll understand the categorization immediately after peering at the level specifically.

Katniss in 16-bit. Gotta love how Lionsgate decided to go indie.
We had a Pitfall flashback when we first looked at this.