Prepare for a new, much more modern version of Myst [$4.99 / Lite] to hit this spring. Earlier this morning, we caught an awesome video from Cyan Worlds demonstrating the first footage of its next release, "RealMyst." In brief, it's a fully 3D, real-time version of the title being made exclusively for iPad 2. The version of Myst currently on the App Store is a straight-up port of the original title, which only sports static images and some pretty limited navigation. Back when Myst first hit, it'd take a supercomputer to render to do what this newer version is doing, and it's coming to a device that fits in our laps.

In the below, you'll notice some improvements. The lighting model seems better, as well as the texture filtering and all of that kind of jazz. We're stoked, though also a bit frightened by the prospect of getting stuck in Myst all over again. What was the formula for the circuit breaker puzzle again?

  • Adams Immersive

    RealMYST has been around for about 12 years on Mac/PC. And it’s great! It’s the only Myst I’ve played to completion, but it shares the look and feel of the original Myst very closely, just better—and with a great feeling of space and freedom. The graphics were good even by today’s standards. (It didn’t need twitch-accurate framerates, so it could focus on detail over speed.)

    It also has one small added Age at the end (the Rime Age). I’d love to play it again on iPad!

    I was always disappointed that later Myst games didn’t use this same engine.

    •ño/100001349625888 Tomate Diseño

      Same here, it's the only version I could be bothered finishing and I'd love to see a Real Riven. I bought Uru some time ago and haven't even got round to downloading never mind installing it, an iPad version could change all that.

    • David Green

      Actually Myst 5 and Uru both use this engine. RealMyst was done as a side project during the development of those later titles. Myst 3 and 4 on the other hand were developed by other studios by their then-publisher Ubisoft.

      • Adams Immersive

        Nice! I knew about Uru but not End of Ages. I’ll have to play End of Ages sometime then for sure.

  • Mike

    I am excited to play this! I remember playing the old-school 'click only' version when I was a boy. The atmosphere was great back then, I can imagine this is even better.

  • Aaron Richardson

    I'd be very satisfied if the potential success of this app release would encourage Cyan to bring the entire Myst saga aboard. Loved the original RealMyst so I'm excited about this.

  • CurtNeedsaRide _

    So I should be making at least 3gb of free space in hopes of installing this one, huh?!

  • farnsworth_pro

    Looks absolutely amazing. I wonder how they will handle the areas which the user couldn't really reach before

    • Andrew Robinson

      I was thinking the same thing as I watched the YouTube preview. It would be great to see additional areas for realMyst.

  • Samuel Martin

    I don't understand the phrase, "being made exclusively for iPad 2." realMyst was released for PC twelve years ago. Far from exclusive.

    • George Nostej

      They mean it won't run on the iPad original. 

      • Samuel Martin

        I actually got the impression that he thought it was a new game rather than another port.
        I got here through a (old) reply notification on another site’s comments—Disqus is weird.

  • Emiel F Spoelder

    That's great news!
    But what about Riven HD? Still waiting for that one to be released!

  • Geert Docter

    Visually, it's a bit sad that Myst has less mist.

    That makes it look less mysterious.

  • Andrew Robinson

    I suppose That may be a fair point, but with real time weather, 20 minute long day/nights, and high definition graphics, and a new age known as Rime (vaguely mentioned in Myst 4) this kind of stuff should make up for the mist which may be lost.

    I heard it was being released in April, but does anyone know the exact date?

  • Cary Groneveldt

    First MYST, then Riven, then The 7th Guest, Leisure Suit Larry on the way -- thanks KickStarter! -- and now this!

    Suh - weet!

    Now all we need are those UnrealEngine3 Star Wars games -- that seem to've fallen off of the face of the Earth by the way .... -- a sequel to Hamlet & that Zelda clone previewed here awhile back and iPad gaming will, thusly, be complete!