The first episode of Sonic 4 hit in 2010, which seems like ages ago with how quickly the iOS world worked. In our review, we liked it so much that we said we needed the rest of the episodes yesterday. Well, per the recently released trailer, it should be available during the vague release window of "Spring":

We're excited. How can you not be? Let's just hope there's not a two year lull between episodes two and three, eh?

  • Bryan Rollins

    i hope this is co-op like Sonic 3 and not like Sonic Advance 3

  • Jeff Kibuule

    I'm just happy they are finally doing Sonic some justice.

  • Mike

    Was Michael Jackson also involved in this title like he was in Sonic 3?

    Just kidding.

  • Milkman Games

    its weird, i keep buying these, then abandoning them because the controls aren't tight enough.  looks so fun though....