Cut the Rope made some waves the other week with a crazy list of new licensing partners that'll see the physics-based puzzler morphed into all sorts of physical toys. Not to be left out on a slice of that action, Halfbrick has announced its own list of new partners that will see to the production of a billion and one different Fruit Ninja [$.99 / HD] things, like plush toys, card and board games, key chains, underwear, phone cases, and fruit snacks "starting this week through 2012 and beyond."  Yes, underwear.

This is an impressive line-up of stuff being produced by an equally impressive list of consumer products companies including Mattel, Jazwares, Nanco, and Hybrid. We're especially stoked about the prospect of Fruit Ninja 2013 calendars. We never remember what day it is unless a piece of fruit is there to remind us.

  • Adams Immersive

    I don’t like mass-proliferation of useless waste, and if my game ever turns into throwaway trinkets/toys (er... if it ever gets done at all!) then I pledge to put a stop to it! Other things, like clothes and calendars, are at least useful... people need them anyway.

    That said, I’m impressed that there’s merchandizing potential in a game that essentially lacks characters and contains nothing but... normal-looking fruit! Fun game all the same, though, and I’m glad the creators are reaping rewards for that!

  • ksuther

    This is a test.

  • nickmorgs

    he he!  'A lot of physical stuff'.......otherwise known as merchandise.