There’s always room for another point-and-click on iPad and iPhone as far as we’re concerned, so we’re pretty pumped about today’s big news: Lume, State of Play Games award-baiting and artistically gifted PC adventure game, is coming to iOS later this week. There’s been no official word on if this port will be packing any original tablet- or phone-specific content, but according to Story Book, it’ll at least feature new sounds and a higher resolution.

That’s important, too. Lume has a gorgeous paper and cardboard art style that just ... pops off the screen as you play. An even higher resolution could only make it better, right? We’ve embedded a video of the PC version below for your viewing pleasure and vow to bring you a better look down the road.

  • Bunion

    looks beautiful 

  • Dustin Garrett

    Great news. I'm exited that its arriving this week. Haven't played it before but i want to. 

  • Brian Hobbs

    Aside from one rather awkwardly executed puzzle, it's a really nice game. A little short from a PC perspective, but probably just right for iOS.