This is neat. Double Fine, the creators of Brutal Legend and, most recently, a swarm of lovable and unique downloadable titles like Iron Brigade and Costume Quest, is asking its fans via Kickstarter to donate a total of $400,000 towards the production of a brand new point-and-click adventure. It's a title that'll be created by "a small team" and one of the adventure game genre's most influential developers, Tim Schafer, highly regarded for his work on The Secret of Monkey Island and its sequel, and his lead role on Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle, and Grim Fandango.

The fans have answered, too. In under ten hours the project has received well over half a million dollars in backing. And with over 30 more days to go still, you almost have to assume that Double Fine will be forced to use dollar bills as toilet paper to rid itself of all the extra cash it's going to receive.

The project doesn't have a real name yet. It also isn't exactly slated to hit iOS -- the initial pitch was for the development of a PC point-and-click "utilizing modern touch technology." Double Fine says that if it raises more than what it's asking for, as the project has, it might put the game on Mac or iOS.

This seems like a big deal for Double Fine: it's a small, but notable studio that's triumphantly shedding the typical publisher / loan shark model that it usually uses to make something that it has complete creative control over. But, this is also a studio that has been OK with funny funding deals. It let a dude pay for several PC ports in the past, and it's apparently currently in talks with Minecraft creator Notch about funding Psychonauts 2.

So, when will you be able to play this game? It'll be awhile. Provided everything goes as planned, it might appear on Steam as early as October 2012. However, backers will see the game as it's being developed -- this entire experience will be documented by 2 Player Productions and private videos will be released on an ongoing basis.

  • M. C.

    Psychonauts 2 getting some action? YES. Loved that game! Oh and, BTW guys - funding DoubleFine is a no-brainer. They're an excellent creative team and studio.

  • Jesse Prabawa

    Finally an upcoming game at which we can actually throw our money.

  • Benny Moore

    This is great news, our game studio is a big fan of Double Fine's past work. We're very excited about their upcoming title, but to our dismay, we put up a Saturday Morning RPG Kickstarter campaign up literally one hour before theirs went up (Uh-Oh!). I wonder what effect this will have on small game developer campaigns across the board for the next thirty days? Will it draw more contributors to the site and gaming section as a whole? Or will it, for it's duration, devour contributor funds that would have otherwise donated to other currently posted campaigns? I suppose only time will tell...

  • Anonymous

    Yes, as Jesse stated, I finally have a reason to throw money at my screen! Take it all Double Fine! I freakin' loved Psychonauts and Day of the Tentacle!

  • Anonymous

    they almost have 1 million dollars!

    • Anonymous

      Some hours later: strike the almost.

  • Jacob Gehman


    • Anonymous

      With the over a million pledged already, I guess that just became more likely. Heck, they can probably support Gameboy Color now.

  • TheWalkingDead'Cast

    This is so great! Another Tim Schafer point-and-click adventure game! In the FAQ it says their top priorities if they get more money than they asked for are to make Mac and iOS versions.

  • Paco

    Am I missing something? These guys are collecting donations...not investment capital? From customers? Just giving them money?

    So are they releasing the game free? Do the donators get a free copy? WTH is this?

    Wow wish I would have thought of it first! What a money.

    • Mark Biswas

      Yes, you get a copy of the game, as well as beta access, if contribute at least $15.  There are various tiers after that which get you various goodies. 

    • kailash iyer

      Why don't you head over to the page and read the rewards? Everyone sending in money is getting, at the very least a copy of the game. So this is a really just a pre-order, with more goodies for more cash.

  • Tına Aspıala

    Love DoubleFine. Go go go!

  • Tına Aspıala

    This game is going to be awesome.