Last week, Spry Fox released an iOS version of Triple Town [Free], their hugely popular match-3 town builder for the Amazon Kindle, and more recently for Google+ and Facebook. We really liked Triple Town in our review, and it’s personally been my biggest obsession of the past week. The ability to upgrade the game tiles by making matches and the limited amount of space to work within added a tremendous amount of depth to the gameplay far beyond your typical matching game.

Today the first update has hit for Triple Town, which mostly focuses on fixing bugs. Things like broken Game Center achievements, the inability to restart games sometimes, and tons of other quirks that come with a version 1.0 release have now been taken care of. The update description also goes on to say that there are several other known bugs that are currently in the process of being hunted down and fixed, one of which includes a problem with turns regenerating after exiting the app.

You see, Triple Town is a freemium game. It comes with a set amount of “moves” for free, and the ability to purchase in-game coins for real money which will let you buy more moves when you run out. Alternately, these moves are supposed to slowly regenerate while you aren’t playing the game, giving you a way to continue playing for free if you had the patience.

One other alternative is to just buy unlimited moves with a flat in-app purchase fee of $6.99, and with all the troubles going on with the regenerating turns Spry Fox wants to entice you to go for the unlimited option by reducing its price down to $3.99. After getting hooked on Triple Town myself, I had no qualms dropping the $6.99 for unlimited play, but others have felt like it was a bit on the high side for the kind of game it is.

If you’re one of those who felt the price was high, the $3.99 price is a lot easier to swallow, especially for a game packed with such fantastic gameplay. Plus, the maintenance update makes it a much more solid game all around, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty of more updates to Triple Town in the future as well.

  • Jenny

    Dangit! It makes sense, right after I pay the $7 they drop the price!

    Ah well, its a great game, I don't mind paying for it.

    • TouchGamePlay

      Jenny, don`t be to cruel with yourself. We early Buyers are what makes those Developer survive.

      You should be proud of yourself because you did support those Devs so they can keep pushing their Creativity with each Product to a new High and don`t End like Gameloft/Zynga.

      I salute you for your early Support and I`m 100% sure that the Developer would it too if they could.

      • Foofanagle Foofanagle

        Agree. I've had a lot of fun with the game. I paid the $7 but have played it for a number of hours cumulatively already. I figure I've paid more than $7 for a 2 hour movie that I hated. So $7 for a game I get a lot of casual play out of that I enjoy is worth it.

    • Jay

      Meh, 3 extra bucks isn't that big of a jump - that's like what, 2 coffees?  Hmm, now that I've calculated it in coffee it may be rather steep after all...

      • Anonymous

        that's one coffee at Starbucks

      • Anonymous

        That's six senior McDonald's coffees.  Why the hell do people measure these things in coffees?

      • Jay

        They're both common micro-transactions, both consumables, and they both trigger a degree of pleasure when consumed.  And what is life but the act of weighing/ choosing which pleasures to pursue? 

  • Anonymous

    This game needs a better tutorial. It's all 'click here, click there', but they do a poor job of explaining the actual mechanics.

  • Chris Miller

    Let's see, pay $4 for unlimited turns or get unlimited turns for free? Yeah, I don't think I will be updating this game from now on.

    • Anonymous

      You didn't get unlimited turns before, it was $6.99 that's what the sale was for.

      • Chris Miller

        You must not have read the whole article. Direct quote: "The update description also goes on to say that there are several other
        known bugs that are currently in the process of being hunted down and
        fixed, one of which includes a problem with turns regenerating after
        exiting the app."

        I'm not going to pay for something that is happening for free.

      • bones boy

        fart smucker

      • Anonymous

        I read the whole thing. I ran into that bug where the turns didn't regenerate when I exited the app, so I would leave the app open to get the extra turn for every minute just to be safe. I went through the included 1500 amount of turns in about 3 games. If you are patient then you won't run into that limitation, which I guess you haven't yet.

  • Aaron G

    I'm sad to admit that I've never gotten close to running out of moves. Must. Improve. Strategy.

  • Ahiru Nakamura

    dang, I got late to the party! I just tried the game and it's freaking addictive!! a good 30min spent on it and I'm outta moves already 🙁  nice way of hooking people up!! glad it's on "sale" right now... (could have been cheaper though)

  • Derek Thomas

    I don't even see the unlimited in-app purchase... at any price.  All I see is buy coin purchases.

  • Herman Maritz

    #3507 of 126456, How are you guys doing?

  • Ahiru Nakamura

    is it just me, or this thing is a battery drainer?!?? it gets way too hot on 3G (maybe a bug related to Gamecenter or something trying to connect to the net the whole time??)
    and it's just this game...