Following the port of their 1993 arcade shooter RayForce [$11.99] to the App Store, Taito announced over the weekend that they'll be bringing another shooter, Darius Burst: Second Prologue, to iOS in the future, according to Andriasang.

Darius Burst was originally a Sony PSP game released in late 2009, and was an official new entry in the fabled Darius series of shmups. An arcade version came a year later called Darius Burst Another Chronicle, and it was especially noteworthy due to its insanely wide screen and cabinet. Sadly, neither game was released outside of Japan.

It's unknown whether the iOS version of Darius Burst is based off of either of the previous versions of the game, but my guess would be that it is an enhanced remake of the original that will have its own special iOS specific features. That's just wishful speculation on my part, however.

Famitsu's mobile gaming site originally broke this news and also managed to nab the first screens of Darius Burst: Second Prologue which you see here, but unfortunately there are no other details on the game – like pricing or release date – at this time. After the somewhat controversial launch price for what was a fairly standard port of RayForce, it will also be interesting to see what price Darius Burst clocks in at. Just as soon as we have more news on Darius Burst: Second Prologue, we'll let you know.

[Via Andriasang]

  • Ahiru Nakamura

    oh noes, another $12 port...really, as good as any of these games are, how come shm'ups ports are always this expensive?! it makes no sense IMO

    • Jerason Banes

      Modern shmups are artwork-heavy, yet have limited audiences. That combination makes them expensive to develop, thereby driving up the end user price.

      • Ahiru Nakamura

        by the looks of it, it ain't artwork-heavy. Jamestown is a "new" game, way cheaper, and fun as heck. how come?
        it does not justify its price tag, what makes this game more expensive than, say, Infinity Blade or porting any other game (like GTA3 or Final Fantasy Tactics)? how do they sell for less (except FFT, which I -- albeit didn't buy -- understand the $15 asking price, it's the same price on PSN, and I still own the original PS1 game)? 
        it's just crazy and does not fit in the app store market, tons of shm'ups around for a buck or so...

      • jbanes

        I love Jamestown! Always good to see a fellow fan! 🙂

        I'm not sure how you figure it's "way cheaper". I see $9.99 over on Steam. Your average Cave game is between $6.99 and $8.99. Rayforce may have been $11.99, but that's still within the same range. 

        FWIW, Jamestown gets away with low-res, classic artwork. It gets away with it because the game is *good*. Compare that to the detailed 3D goodness of something like Espgaluda II and you can quickly understand that there is no comparison. 

        The Darius series is not immune to the improvements in graphics technology. For all the (super impressive for its time) low-res 2D graphics that we may remember the Darius series for, the later Darius games are just as artwork heavy as any other modern shmup. You can see just how heavy by checking out this video of Darius Blast: 

        As for something like Infinity Blade, there is no comparison. The first Infinity Blade reused a couple of locations over and over and over. This kept the artwork costs down. Shoot'em ups often have very detailed backgrounds that you see for all of 15 seconds.

        Infinity Blade was also a testbed for the Unreal Engine on iOS. Even if Infinity Blade had been a commercial failure, Epic would have seen secondary income from engine sales. Shmups typically can't participate in those sorts of economics.

    • John

      Relax.  If it's a good port, the price point is justified.  I paid over $60 for the original PSP version and still loved the game.  $12 is nothing.  iOS prices are terrible for game creation.  Everyone expects 99 cents regardless of how much time, money, and effort were required to complete the project.  So many iOS games run at poor framerates, feature dodgy controls, and other such limitations.  They aren't worth anything, as far as I'm concerned.  When a quality product is delivered, however, I don't think it's unfair to ask more.

  • Inaba-kun

    I'm always up for more shmups, but they have to be top class ports and run at 60fps. (as the Cave stuff does)

    Maybe someday we'll see Ikaruga...

  • putermcgee

    i beat the arcade version with my wife, and it took like 1300 yen because we're not very good. that's something like $15? so if the ios version is just as fun (and has multiplayer), i could see myself paying that much again considering it would be unlimited play.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully this isn't as bad as RayForce or I'll just stick with Cave for my bullet-hells on iOS...