In case you've never heard of it before, Dominion is a deck building card game created by game designer Donald X. Vaccarino and published by Rio Grande Games in 2008. Since its release, Dominion has been ripping up the charts over on BoardGameGeek, and has won all sorts of other awards including taking home game of the year at Germany's Spiel board game festival. In fact, Dominion's success and popularity have spawned an entire genre of other similar deck building games.

A few days ago, Dominion Donald X. Vaccarino [Free] hit the App Store, and since then I've been trying to verify the validity of this port. It seemed pretty shady, and the developer's web site sure didn't help things. After some additional digging, I came across a post by Rio Grande Games' Jay Tummelson over on BoardGameGeek. It turns out that over the years they've given their blessing to a number of developers to release iOS versions of Dominion, provided they agree to remove it once the official version hits the App Store.

Video review courtesy of The Dice Tower

What's more interesting though, is that the official licensed version, per this same forum post, is only "a few weeks" away. Even more curious though is that Chillingo currently has a game titled Dominion [$1.99] on the App Store as well. We'll just have to wait and see how the dust settles on all of this. If you're interested in Dominion, I'd snag the free version out now, and if you own Chillingo's Dominion it might not be a bad idea to back up the .ipa just in case there's any hijinks with take-down requests by Rio Grande Games so they can score the "Dominion" title on the App Store.

I hope Rio Grande is serious about this "few weeks" thing, as an official version of Dominion has potential to be awesome.

  • Crunchewy

    Awesome! I'll wait for the official version.

    • Chungyen Chang

      The unofficial one is free, and it's actually pretty good. You should try it.

      • Ben Ehlers

        I agree! I was waiting for this to come out on the app store, and despite a few rough edges, it is a pretty good version. 

  • Jacob Gehman

    I can't wait for the official... but until then, this has to be better than Battle of Gundabad.

  • Leo

    chillingo´s dominoin has nothing but the name in common with the board game.
    it´s a nice risk ripoff instead.

  • Crunchewy

    Also I doubt that the creators of Dominion (the card game) have the kind of resources available to be able to force Chillingo to change the name of their game. Instead I'm sure they will call it "Dominion Card Game" or something similar, as has been done for some other iOS board/card games.

    • Eli Hodapp

      You're greatly overestimating the amount of work it takes to get something pulled from the App Store. All they'd need to do is channel of communication to the right department, be like "Yo here's our trademark on Dominion!" and it'd be up to Chillingo to prove that they're not violating that trademark. Assuming they actually have "Dominion" trademarked, it'd be a very simple process.

  • iOS God

    I would play ANY version of Dominion that managed to take the incredible dullness out of the game. Sadly, no such creature exists. Thunderstone, Ascension, and Nightfall are all far superior deck-builders, and all are coming to/already on iOS.

  • Michael Black

    The unofficial game is pretty damn good. I dont actually expect the 'official' game to match up. We'll see i guess!

  • Tony

    Well does either the unofficial or official version support online play?  Tired of board games coming to IOS that don't support anything but hotseat play.

    • Ben Ehlers

      It looks like it does have online play, seems to be a matchmaking service and all that, though I haven't actually tested it. 

      • Ben Ehlers

        actually, it does gamecenter matchmaking at it works really well.

      • Crunchewy

        But it's limited to 2 players, right? I hope the official version won't have that limit.

      • Sarah

         To be honest I have been trying endlessly to play online and find timeouts, server errors, and people leaving after long waits to be very tiresome. Don't even get me started on how hard it is to try and link to a friend on game centre....

  • Jack Everitt

    I love Dominion and I hope Apple gives Rio Grande the game's name on the App store. 

    Dominion is a ground-breaking game because it created a whole new card game genre; the deck-building game. To me, this is the first innovation for card games since Richard Garfield's amazing Magic: The Gathering brought up the Collectible/Trading Card Game.