In an attempt to convince people that Internet Explorer 9 paired with Windows 7 is a good thing, Microsoft and Zepto Labs are offering a free HTML5 version of Cut the Rope with special features exclusive to the browser and OS. You don't need either, though, to experience what is essentially the mobile Cut the Rope experience at the game's web site -- Chrome, Firefox, or Safari all work fine.

As TechRadar explains, the point of this is to show off the pinning component between the OS and IE9. When you pin the web site, you'll be given a set of special levels. Isn't it nice when things work together like friends?

Of course, we know Om Nom best from our times spent with it on the phone. After a few minutes of this web version, we're thinking that touch is still the ultimate way to play. On the other hand, teaming up with Microsoft increases awareness, which isn't a bad thing if that also increases the chances of new iOS follow-ups.

If you haven't yet played Cut The Rope, give this free version a try. If you like it (which you likely will) strongly consider downloading the real iOS versions of the game.

  • Anonymous

    Incredible, incredible game - which I'm happy to see getting more and more exposure.  Anyone who enjoys it on the web, really should purchase the iOS apps - as the article author indicated, a touch interface is considerably better.

    • Louise Hil

      the game is amazing because u can get it on your i phone, i pod ,and android phones and tablets.COOOOOL GAME RECOMEND IT TO ANYONE AND

  • Guest

    (why did Disqus choose to suppress my posting, then re-post again?)

  • Sam Crown

    Surely the idea of it being on iOS is because its easy to swipe with a finger, rather than a clumsy mouse?

  • Anonymous

    Love this game. Found this hack that lets you play the whole thing in Chrome. 

    • Anonymous

      Doesn't seem to work: After pasting the javascript, the page reloads (apparently, repsonding to the "siteactivated" command), but still only the Cardboard and Fabric boxes are available.  Any additional details to add?

    • Jean-Claude Cottier

      What is the problem with Chrome? Chrome is my browser, and Cut The Rope is playing just fine on it.

  • Anonymous

    I just tried to go to it but all I get is an animation of some bubbles, with a large bubble that reads "00%" for as long as I was willing to sit there waiting. Perhaps I should try again later. Or perhaps not. I wasn't really that enamored with the iOS version (only tried the lite version).

  • Michaxel

    Playing this perfectly in Chrome, just via the link. What's the point in using IE9? Not very convincing.

  • Wuye

    Tried this game in IE9 and Avant browser with IE9 rendering engine and maxthon. all of them run this game smoothly.Good work.I always run it in my andriod phone, now I can use it in my big screen. Happy. I just finished a few gates.

  • Anonymous

    Works perfectly for me in Firefox, but loading stops between 73 and 78% when I try to access the site on my iPod Touch 4th gen.

  • Bernie -

    "On the other hand, teaming up with Microsoft increases awareness, which
    isn't a bad thing if that also increases the chances of new iOS

    geez. what the hell have you been smoking? these days, association with microsoft is like having a festering gangrene.