‘World of Goo’ Hits One Million App Store Downloads

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Whoa! World of Goo [$2.99 / UHD], a game that we’re always stoked to talk about, has hit one of those benchmark download numbers. According to developer 2D Boy, the physics-puzzler has hit one million downloads across the App Store and the Mac App Store. That’s a lot of loving for an indie game that doesn’t have a toy line.

2D Boy, as it usually does in its sales post, highlighted some interesting facts. Like, these, for example: about 69 percent of this million have come from the more expensive Universal version of the game, while 29 percent came from its regular version. The rest come from the Mac version, which in our experience, is every bit as delightful as the touch ones.

World of Goo won our game of the year award in 2010. We highly suggest you join the million or so people and get in on this action.

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