So, that pilot iPhone, iPod, and iPad trade-in program at GameStop? Apparently, it isn't doing so shabby. In a thrilling press release, company president Tony Bartel said that the "velocity" of the program has exceeded expectations. Furthermore, GameStop has an expectation that it will see even more traffic after the holidays calm down since a lot of folks have received fresher and better devices.

The program kicked off in select stores earlier in 2011. Customers are receiving "up to" $180 for a iPod touch, $300 for iPhones, and $400 for iPads in GameStop store credit or cash.

In a conversation with Joystiq, GameStop didn't throw down any specific numbers, so it's hard to tell just how many iOS devices the program has roped in. But it isn't like this is a mom-and-pop shop; you gotta figure whatever the number is, it's a lot.

  • Michael Matzat

    People are lazy Ideots and GameStop cashes in on it. Good for them i guess?!

  • Anonymous

    I generally hate gamestop because they rip people off constantly (they wanted to give me $16 for my ds lite two years ago, regularly give me $8 a pop for games they sell again for $49) but when we took my girlfriends scratched to hell old 32gb 3GS there a month ago they gave us more money than anywhere else was offering, even gazelle or whatever. We got a cool $130 for it in cash, and store credit would've been even more. So as lame as gamestop usually is, their iOS trade-in values are pretty darn good

    • Anonymous

      The amount Gamestop gives for games and consoles isn't really a rip off if you consider that they have to pay a considerable amount to keep the doors open, and the stuff they turn around and price for 4-5x the amount isn't actually guaranteed to sell. If they pay $16 for a DS Lite 2 years ago maybe it's because you're not the only one dumping a DS Lite, and the market for used ones isn't all that great. I worked in used record and CD stores before such things were obsolete and their payouts are about the same, and it's in line with just about any other business from vintage clothes or used cars where they buy from the public. It costs a lot of money to run a business, you know...  It's amazing how many people expect to get a premium price for a game they've already played or a console they've had for years. You have already got your full entertainment value from it after all.
      You can always try to sell for more on craigslist or ebay, but that's a hassle and forces you to deal with people who you may or may not want in your life. A lot of people just use Gamestop because it's quick and convenient.

      • Cat Astrophy

        Yeah, GS is really the same as pretty much any brick-and-mortar when it comes to trade-in. If you want the extra money, you have to work for it (dealing with people).

    • Anonymous

      Odd. I traded in my DS Lite around 2 years ago and got quite a bit more than $16. I think it might depend on what GameStop you go to though, because the other day when I went to 2 different Gamestops, one was offering up to $180 for iPods and the other was only offering $150.

    • drrjv

      Wonder if this is just free publicity for Game Stop to get you to bring in your iPhone .

      I'd suggest selling it on eBay. I sold my old 3GS for $200. Very easy as eBay has ready made ads for iPhones.

  • Adams Immersive

    When numbers aren’t given, I hesitate to assume they are large.

    When they use the phrase “better than expected,” that sounds like code for not doing well at all! Because you can always use that phrase, even when the numbers are tiny.

    • Anonymous

      There are always thieves who need a little quick help flipping whatever you don't have nailed down. Gamestop will also help you turn your old, dusty gold and jewelry into convenient cash! Just put all "your" stuff into the convenient, secure mailing envelope. No postage necessary!

  • Anonymous

    BS detector set to stun

  • Pei-Shing Wang

    what are they doing with stickpiles of old ipads / iphones/ ipods