You're looking at the very first released screenshot of the upcoming TouchArcade app. We've been working on this with designer Wolfgang Bartelme and the developers from Flexibits for the better part of 2011.

If everything goes as planned, it should be available in early 2012. As part of running TouchArcade over the last few years, we've come up with tons of tricks to take the App Store and distill it down to a manageable amount of great games to check out. The TouchArcade app automates this, and will grant anyone who downloads it instant access to not only every aspect of TouchArcade, but also a listing of hot new games which is constantly updated, 24 hours a day.

It has some other great features as well, but we'll get in to those as we get closer to actually releasing the app. I've been using it over the past few months as it has gotten closer and closer to what it will be like when it's released, and the app is fantastic. Our goal was to make the ultimate companion app for iOS gamers, and what we've got so far has even exceeded even my expectations of what the TouchArcade app should be when I first imagined it.

Stay tuned, 2012 is going to be one hell of a year- And be sure to follow Flexibits on Twitter, as now that the cat is out of the bag they'll likely be posting updates on the progress of the TouchArcade app.

  • Anonymous

    I've waited so long for this.

    • Richard M.

      Looks great!!

    • Joe Juarez

      I had created a petition for this years ago……so much for any recognition…its Darkjuarez btw

  • Richard M.

    It looks great!! =)

  • Sunny Neuroshima

    Excellent news! Can't wait to get this. I've been waiting for an app like this. STP have abandoned their bug-ridden app, GameFinder, and it hasn't seen a much needed update in nearly two years, so this is great news for iOS gamers.

  • Anonymous

    Finally!!!! This is like finding an unopened gift under the tree two days later!

  • Sam Nelson

    I am very happy to see that you are making this app! The most trusted source for my iOS gaming addiction now will be even more accessible to me!

    Keep up the great work in all the aspects of your site (review, previews, news, podcasts, etc., etc.) as you are still the best site I've come across for iOS gaming!

    Thanks again for your hard work and I look forward to 2012!

  • Michael Wootton

    Like everyone else here, I've been hoping for something like this for quite some time now! Really really excited to get it, fantastic after Christmas news! Thanks TA, all you guys are amazing.

  • Christopher Huey

    This is very exciting news and I am super happy to be a part of the TA community when it all goes down!

  • Frank Quickmix Hassas

    Great News 🙂

  • Nick

    I am hoping this will be universal? Maybe? 🙂

    I know the pic is iPhone only, so it doesn't give me a massive amount of hope, but... Maybe?

    • Anonymous

      You can just view the full site on an iPad. Why would you need an app?

      • Nick

        For the same reason that we need a Facebook app for the iPad.

        Having an app designed to work in ios is faster, iPad or iPhone. Just because I have a device that shows the whole site, being able to distill it down and remove all the extras is very appealing.

        The iPad ISN'T a computer.

  • Anonymous

    I figured you guys were up to something like this when you appeared to ignore all the pleading for a nice mobile version of the forums. This app looks like it will be worth the wait. I hope you can keep the advertising under control -- but I'm not too concerned. You guys know mobile. 🙂

  • JustinRampage

    Excellent! I'm looking forward to this release. You all always put out great up to date information. Keeps my iPhone packed full of awesome games!

    - Justin

  • Adams Immersive

    If it integrates with AppShopper, this is the Best Christmas Ever! (Could be simply a link to the AppShopper app for each mentioned product, or better yet, an actual “Want It” button right in the TA app.)

    For about-to-be-released products, it might be neat to have button that launches an AppShopper search—so you’ll find the app as soon as it appears in the system.Parallel functionality on the site itself would be nice: an link along with each iTunes link. (The forum modules already have both, but the articles/reviews don’t.)

  • Anonymous

    AH MY GOD.  It's here >:D

  • MystikSun


  • Anonymous

    Genuinely excited about this.

    Free, free and ad supported or available to buy ?

    • Anonymous

      I'd pay cash money to not show ads. If it were my app, I'd charge at least a dollar to keep the bozo reviews down. 😉

      • Anonymous

        I'd also pay to remove ads, and I'm sure enough people would agree to make it an option worth their consideration.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like the "Hot New Games" (aka the ads) is 1/3 of the screen. I like what you're saying here, but that screen shot has "delete this app" written all over it. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

    • Arnold Kim

      they're not ads.

      • Anonymous

        Then what are they? Promotions of games in exchange for compensation? Did you come up with a new name for that? Pretty sure at least half of the games in the screenshot haven't even been reviewed by TA yet.

      • Arnold Kim

        They are a ranked list of the most active* games being discussed in the toucharcade forums, weighted heavily by newness. 

        *our proprietary algorithm to prevent it from being gamed, none of which involves any money exchanging hands.

      • Anonymous

        Interesting...Crazy Hedgy? Ha ha I'll just have to check it out when I get the app I guess.

      • Arnold Kim

        Crazy Hedgy forum thread:

        Yep, see how useful a list it is already. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        You have turned my concern into excitement, good sir. Well done.

      • Novaro

        you'll probably love the game too

    • Anonymous

      My hope is that the integrity shown by TA in the past will follow on in the app and that list of 'Hot New Games' in the left of the shot is only reserved for maybe four star and above games.

      • Anonymous

        That's my hope too but honestly most apps seem to get 4 stars or higher from TA (moving pictures yay!) and half those games listed in the screenshot haven't been reviewed by TA I don't think (maybe I just can't find some of them - its possible). That being said I still love the site and look forward to the app I'm just concerned cuz that section seems to take up a lot of real estate.

      • Anonymous

        Seriously? This site and the future app is dedicated to mobile gaming! What do you expect to see on the app screen? Perhaps all text would be more to your liking... Then you could complain about that too. Not everything in that list has to be reviewed by TA... They already told you, that list is for whatever is trending as popular on the forums and site. just be happy they are releasing it at all, and when it comes out and you have actually used it then you can complain or rate it as you see fit. Until then, don't start judging it without having used it.

      • Anonymous

        "That being said I still love the site and look forward to the app I'm just concerned cuz that section seems to take up a lot of real estate."

        Read first. Reply second.

      • Anonymous

        A knee-jerk reaction would have happened after your first post, much like your initial knee-jerk reaction to an app you had yet to use. I hope as fellow mobile gamers we all enjoy the app!

  • R Skse

    NICE! Liking the Interface and am very glad you chose a dark theme...looks cool! I hope the forum area is set up well...

  • Cat Astrophy

    Looking good

  • Cassie Goodwin

    Finally, TA will have an app! It's been quite long enough of a wait! 😛 I like the general idea they've got going on in the screen shot available, but overall it looks rather bulky and minimalistic. Combine something like this with the mobile re-direct version on Safari via iPhone, and I think you'd have a masterpiece in the palm of your hand.
    As for the "Hot New Games" sidebar, I think it would be really useful to either make it a customizable option in the settings menu, or make it a slide-out tab by dragging your finger across the screen from the corner (kind of like a touch-expandable sticky note). That, or use the space instead for a navigation bar. Just throwing some suggestions out there! n.n
    Can't wait to have it on my devices!

  • Anonymous

    Is this universal?

  • Styles Kim

    Lookin good! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I think the touch arcade app should be in the form of a freemium-tower-defense-time-management-rpg-physics-based-puzzle-trials-dual-stick-shooter!

  • Noah

    Nice Eli. Congrats!

    A slide-out "hot new games" sidebar would be slick. Kind of like how Gmail does it.

  • Anonymous

    Would MUCH rather have a better mobile website.  

  • Sean Yuan

    Looks absolutely stellar. Cannot wait.


  • Anonymous

    Looks beautiful and simplistic, can't wait to use it.

    I'm thankful that your team is so passionate about Touch Arcade and iOS gaming.

  • Geoffrey M. Cox

    I hope this a universal app. If I'm going to check out Touch Arcade and get new apps because of thie site, then I'll grab my iPad, not iPhone. A universal app would rock.

    • Arnold Kim

      Sorry, v1.0 will not be universal.  

      • Anonymous

        Damn! Stil going by the Appshopper universal version, I'm sure you guys would make it great even if we have to wait an extra month or so. Can't wait 😀

  • Anonymous

    That is some sexy UI

  • CJ

    Until the Universal version comes out, I'll stick to Flipboard for parsing the Touch Arcade feed.

  • Christian Nelson

    Been waiting for this… looks great!

  • Christian Nelson

    Been waiting for this, looks great!

  • Anonymous

    Looking really good!  Can't wait to use it.  As far as I'm concerned, and I know I'm not the only one, TouchArcade is the only place I need to go to know what's hot on my new favorite gaming platform.

    Keep up the great work.

  • Anonymous

    Looks great !

  • Anonymous

    Great ideas there. I'd also like to see the buy button automatically add that title to your 'my apps' list in appshopper.

  • CurtNeedsaRide _

    Can't wait to put it on my devices right next to the PG app! It looks great, and I bet it'll only get even better. Thanks for thinking of us who don't always want to use safari to get our gaming news fix!

  • Tomas Andrle

    I don't think it is a great idea in general to turn websites into apps. Apps should DO something. Websites just HAVE STUFF on them. What will the app do that the website can not? Why not just format the site properly for mobile viewing, add some javascript animations and have something that works on all kinds of devices and requires less maintenance?

    • Eli Hodapp

      As mentioned, we'll get more into the features closer to release. It does do something, don't worry.

  • Deyve Martinez

    Great! Finally! I have been hoping for a Touch Arcade app. I know I can get to it via the web browser, but I'm glad you guys are finally rolling one out.

  • blakespot

    I have updated the embedded screenshot to show the latest build of the app (from this morning) which includes a brief help panel (collapsible) concerning the list of Hot New Games on the right. 

    (There had been some confusion as to whether or not those app icons were ads. (They are not.))

  • Anonymous

    Is there a way to eventually combine this with your sister site, AppShopper's app? I use that site and this site, so to me, it'd be kind of repetitive...

    • Eli Hodapp

      This is a totally different app with completely different functionality.

  • Robots vs Wizards

    will be nice for TA to have have a presence on the app store!
    Looking forward

  • Vlad

    Congrats! This is a huge step for you guys!

  • Ben Abt

    Looks awesome guys.  Can't wait.

  • Tashawn brawner

    It's about time.

  • Den Ramos

    FINALLY! I can't believe it took you guys this long. I've been waiting for this since I first visited the site. Hope to see it soon on the app store!