Plants vs. Zombies for iPhone [$.99] got some new and exciting stuff this morning in a fresh and free update. At the top, the game finally now supports Game Center leaderboards. It can also now boast some parity with the series' PC, Macintosh, XBLA, and DS adaptations -- I, Zombie mode is now supported and can be purchased via IAP in Crazy Dave's shop.

I, Zombie, if you're not familiar, is a table-turning twist that lets you play as the undead horde . You'll get one free level in this update, and eight more, as well as an Endless take on it, if you do decide to pony up the dough. Holiday hats have also been introduced via this update because, hats.

  • Christopher Peters

    Really wish the would add survival. Read endless when I first skimmed the update, but then figured out what it really was. Survival please!

    • Tim Jordan

      Endless as in can't die and there is no score kind of endless?

  • Anonymous

    And so the iPad version falls even farther behind. I really wish they had gone the universal route. Frustrating.

  • Hampus

    Would be nice if the ever updated the iPad version, it's still version 1.0.5 and is lacking a lot of features now...

  • Jeff

    Disgusted with the lack of updates for the iPad version.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah same here. This game is much more enjoyable on the bigger screen...really horrible PopCap seems to be ignoring the iPad buyers of the game. They should have made it universal to begin with.

  • Chris Rodriguez

    Sucks that the iPad version which I paid more for gets no update love. I haven't touched the game in months....

  • Anonymous

    That's the only reason I haven't bought the iPad version, no updates. I've bought it 3 times already so it's not like I NEED another version anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously. Come on Popcap, update the IPad app.

    There have been like 3 or 4 updates to the iPhone app and nothing but bug fixes on the IPad. I own both, but playing on the iPhone is painful compared to the iPad.

  • halfmydadsage

    My favourite new level is from two updates ago. When all the zombies attack quickly and you have to plant like mad on the roof. Could play for hours but it only gives you certain plants. Wish this was a way too play... super speedy zany craziness level without having to pick your plants.