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‘Mad Dog McCree’ Coming To iPhone Next Week

American Laser Games‘s so-awful-it-ends-up-being-good FMV shooter, Mad Dog McCree, is coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch this December 20, according to caretaker Digital Leisure. This is a port of the original arcade release of the game, so don’t expect anything too fancy, however the team is noting that it has converted the game’s silly footage for phones and even added an “all new casual mode" for those without hardcore gunslinging skills.

If you’re unfamiliar with McCree, take a gander at the footage just below. You play as a gunslinger charged with killing a band of Wild West cutthroats who have kidnapped a hole in the wall town’s mayor and his precious daughter. Most of the time, you’ll be killing dudes in fairly linear sequences, but there’s some hilariously bad reflex-laden one-on-one shootouts. We can’t wait to see this one, for sure.