One of the coolest tactical turn-based games we've ever seen on iOS, Hunters: Episode One [$.99 / HD], is getting a sequel. Rodeo Games, the original creator of Hunters, have revealed with us that it is indeed working on Hunters 2. And guys, it sounds and looks radical.

Hunters 2, which is slated to hit Spring 2012, will build on the same combat that made the first game so popular, but it'll also throw in some notable new systems and weapons. For example, the team is dropping in a new mini-gun that fires blistering bursts of 10 rounds. That's especially hip, we're told, because it'll show off the game's new projectile system, which lets you see every round fired.

New enemies, environments, and mission types will naturally be part of the fresh package, but so will a fleshed out and scripted campaign mode featuring Rodeo's new hero character Caius Black. One of the promotional images we've received notes that he'll be "alone, wounded, and betrayed."

As if that wasn't enough, the game's engine has been scrapped in favor of a new one that'll integrate real-time dynamic lighting and "loads of customization options." Get a taste below:

Speaking of customization, that's something Rodeo is focusing on character-side, too. In Hunters 2, each Hunter will have a talent pool and you'll assign points in specific skill and build trees. Rodeo tells us that this system "really individualizes your Hunters and brings all sorts of new tactics" to the fold.

We'll be getting our hands on Hunters 2 in the coming weeks. If you'd like to try the original game, now is a great time -- both versions are on sale now at $.99 instead of their usual $4.99 and $6.99 price points.

  • Anonymous

    Jeesus Gaaaawwwddddd!!!!

  • Jeff

    Can someone clarify how the DLC for the original game works?  It was free when it came out, and it had a paid unlock to get the full game.  Now they seem to be charging for it, and the top DLC is listed as "Trial Game".  What does that mean exactly?  If you buy episode one, do you still need to pay to unlock it?  Confused.

  • Jonas

    Heh, no comment in the article on the fact that Hunters Episode One is one of the most unrealized titles in iOS history? This certainly dampens my excitement. Rodeo Games promised SCORES of improvements and additions that were explicitly stated to be destined for the first episode, for free, and then went silent. The first Hunters was more of a framework for a game, with enormous potential, but never received any actual content beyond five basic types of missions, randomized, with no story. The actual gameplay consisted of movement and two possible actions, either fire, or overwatch (wait to fire upon enemy appearance). No other tactical choices, which, combined with only five basic missions types with no narrative context, meant the game became repetitive after less than an hour, literally. The thread on the original Hunters will attest to this.

    Now, they hope we will trust in that the second installment will make up for charging 5 dollars for a bare shell of a game.

    As a journalist, this is one of (many) times I find myself wishing games news reporting took a critical viewpoint and resulted in actual journalistic methods, and inquiring and sifting media production, instead of just settling for reporting and reviewing. 

    • Anonymous

      +1 to Jonas' response. For a while I was in contact with the devs and even beta tested some of the releases. I guess they decided I was too critical on the forums in spite of my "privileged" position because they stopped contacting me for any more testing in spite of providing constructive feedback and bug reports as warranted.

      I'm going to be cautiously optimistic because, in spite of everything you said (and everything I've said elsewhere) being arguably true, Hunters still clearly had a lot more promise and ambition than any other game in this vein on iOS.

      Economically, I understand why they've had to drop much of the vapor ware promises for the first one and will hold out some hope that they can deliver an actual title for Hunters 2.

  • Anonymous

    I really enjoyed hunters, even if it did lack a story line. Some of the levels were pretty tough and it reminds me a great deal of space hulk, which is pretty much the start of my obsession with scifi as a kid (cant remember if i saw star wars first, it was probably star wars, but still, games workshop forever). So, if the game really offers major improvements, ill spend the 5 bucks.

  • Anonymous

    This is a great game, but they haven't addressed the real issue being the lack of substance being the story or plot.  It's the fun of X-COM in the standard appstore success template of grind slowly.

    When this game did come out, it was fun to watch it grow after each update.

  • Anonymous

    The first one is one of my favorite iOS games, but I do think there could have been more content forthcoming before moving on to #2. That said, I look forward to #2 and will probably be picking it up at launch.