Microsoft, via Xbox Live evangelist Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb, has just announced the immediate release of another surprising App Store app -- though this one, Kinectimals [$2.99], is a game and not a companion piece, as was the case with My Xbox Live.

This version of Kinectimals seems like it's pretty close to the Kinect experience that it's based on, though we've also heard that it's strikingly similar to the Windows 7 mobile version of the game, too. In a nutshell, it's just a collection of mini-games starring several super cute cats that you can train to do tricks or participate in a wide range of not-necessarily-stimulating-for-adults activities.

Of note, this version, developed by Frontier Developments as well, incorporates "brand new ways to play with your cub" and offers an unlock for five additional cats on the Xbox 360.

We'll be playing with this throughout the day, and will bring you some more details a bit later. As a side-note, we're absolutely loving the fact that Microsoft is down for actively supporting the Xbox 360 and its games via iOS. The future! It's here!

  • Anonymous

    My kids played the Kinect version twice and never launched it again, so I'll be skipping this for sure, but I'm still uber happy to see it appear. Hopefully more Xbox Live games will make the transition... along with Xbox Live achievements??? Hopefully?

  • Dale P

    Now we just need them to implement the Xbox Live/Windows Live stuff for iOS and Android. Screw Game Center.

    • Anonymous

      Might work great for you, but for others that have nothing to do with Xbox Live it is pointless. I prefer the GameCenters ease of use and it does exactly what I need. Did I mention it's integrated in iOS.

      You can always go to Windows phone, isn't XBL integrated in that platform?

      • Robert McCrory

        Yeah, it's integrated in WP7 - but the selection of games is pretty crappy compared to iOS.  I would personally love to see Xbox Live on iOS - Open Feint style, except that Microsoft likes to pick and choose games that are allowed to be on the Xbox Live brand (ie, have access to achievements - other games are listed as 'Indie' and don't have the same access) so if they did - it would likely only be available to selected games/developers, unlike GameCenter/Open Feint that allow anyone access.  IMHO, Xbox Live is a better system than GameCenter - and I use both all the time.

    • Nick

      I'd love XBLA achievements. I'll admit it, I'm a cheevo addict and have no interest at all in game center/openfeint.

      That said, there are more people playing this game that have no connection with the 360, so it would be a lot of work for nothing.

      But man, I'd love it. My kids haven't Played it much, but that's more to do with our living room layout.

  • Robert McCrory

    Does it support achievements?

    • Robert McCrory

      Also, doesn't this seem like Microsoft shooting themselves in the foot (in regards to Windows Phone 7)?  Seems like one of the only things they really have going for them right now is exclusive games, particularly since some great iOS games (Infinity Blade for example) won't be coming to WP7 due to microsoft not allowing the same kind of low level access you can get as an iOS developer.

  • Schuyler

    Ok, Microsoft- you're circling it about as much as possible; it's time to bite down hard and give us Halo on iOS.

  • Anonymous

    This has 'Kitty Corner' written all over it. I'm just say'n. 😉

  • Ivan Ivanov

    And here's video from the game:

  • Patrick Keaney

    For the love of all that is holy, Banjo and Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie, please.