‘Kinectimals’ Comes To iOS

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Microsoft, via Xbox Live evangelist Larry “Major Nelson" Hryb, has just announced the immediate release of another surprising App Store app — though this one, Kinectimals [$2.99], is a game and not a companion piece, as was the case with My Xbox Live.

This version of Kinectimals seems like it’s pretty close to the Kinect experience that it’s based on, though we’ve also heard that it’s strikingly similar to the Windows 7 mobile version of the game, too. In a nutshell, it’s just a collection of mini-games starring several super cute cats that you can train to do tricks or participate in a wide range of not-necessarily-stimulating-for-adults activities.

Of note, this version, developed by Frontier Developments as well, incorporates “brand new ways to play with your cub" and offers an unlock for five additional cats on the Xbox 360.

We’ll be playing with this throughout the day, and will bring you some more details a bit later. As a side-note, we’re absolutely loving the fact that Microsoft is down for actively supporting the Xbox 360 and its games via iOS. The future! It’s here!

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