There's nothing that gets me more giddy than when one of my favorite iOS games gets a sweet update that adds some new content and functionality, especially when that game has already been out for a while. It's great to see games getting support far into their lifespan, and over the weekend my giddiness was increased to the max when Pix'n Love Rush [99¢] and its iPad counterpart Pix'n Love Rush DX [$1.99] both received great new updates.

The Pix'n Love Rush games are no strangers to updates. They've been updated three times before with major new features since the original iPhone version release back in June of last year. This latest update adds yet another new gameplay mode and also makes the previously iPad only version Pix'n Love Rush DX into a Universal app, so you can throw that bad boy on your iPhone or iPod touch if you wish. It's kind of a bummer that if you had some nice high scores saved to the iPhone version that they won't transfer over to DX, but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make to have one less app taking up space in my iTunes.

As for the new mode, it's called On/Off Rush and is a smart little piece of puzzle platforming. There are two different types of objects to collect, suns and moons. Suns can only be collected during the day, and moons during the night. Touching special switcher walls will turn the level from day to night. Your character moves automatically, so you're tasked with jumping at the right times to collect the proper item depending on if it's day or night.

It's quite clever, and gets increasingly difficult as you progress. Collecting correct items in a row increases a multiplier and adds time to the clock, allowing you to continue on. Accidentally grabbing a moon during daytime (or vice versa) resets the multiplier and adds no time to the clock, and eventually your time will run out. There are two different flavors of On/Off Rush, and Arcade mode where missed items mean less points and a Puzzle mode where every item must be collected through multiple trips through a level, but time is the commodity.

I absolutely love the new On/Off Rush, as I do with just about every other aspect of Pix'n Love Rush, and I'm pretty gassed that the iPad version is now Universal. If you own either version of the game, then get to updating and check out the new modes, and if you don't own Pix'n Love Rush already then check out our previous coverage as it's a game that really needs to be on your device.

  • Andy Charalambous

    Easily one of my favourite apps, along with Jetpack Joyride, which also just got a great new update. Both are awesome games, looking forward to trying out the new modes.

  • Andy Charalambous

    I had a great time playing this, looking forward to trying the new modes.

  • Brady

    Just a note: the update also adds iCade support 🙂

    • John McCollum

      I bought this just for the iCade support. It's awesome with a joystick.

  • Cat Astrophy

    So I looked up "gassed" and didn't see any definition that properly conveyed what you may have tried to mean.