Surprise! ‘Minecraft – Pocket Edition’ Will Get Survival Mode Features In Future Updates

Minecraft: Pocket Edition [$6.99] is cool, yet it lacks almost everything that makes Minecraft on other platforms pop — you know, crafting and monsters and all of that jazz. Thankfully, and as we all expected given Mojang‘s rich history of updating the other versions of the game, Pocket Edition is set to receive most of the meaningful game-defining features that its sister games have, either through a series of updates or a big one.

Daniel Kaplan, a business dude over at the studio, laid out an upcoming feature list on Mojang’s official blog. As you’ll see, the list notes that a crafting system with a specialized interface is coming down the pipes alongside the introduction of animals and enemies and, most probably importantly, a new file system that will support all of this new, really promising stuff.

Kaplan also notes that the studio will continue to optimize Pocket Edition, which is great hear. Speaking of that, actually, a “small bug fix" is coming to iOS specifically in the near future. Neat!