Behold: ‘Fruit Ninja’ Plush Toys Are Now A Thing

We aren’t in the business of posting about plushies since we’re an iOS blog and all, but guys, you’ve got to see what Halfbrick is offering. Earlier this morning, the studio announced a partnership with ToyFoundry and revealed the most adorable plush toy in the history of the universe. Just look at that watermelon. Look at it. If your eyes aren’t melting from the onslaught of its cuteness, it’s safe to assume that you’re broken.

Of course, the watermelon isn’t the only fruit of this partnership. In the Fruit Ninja online store, you’ll also see the second: a plush sensei. Wise sensei is being sold at $15.99, while the ‘melon will eventually hit at $14.99. For those interested in a deal, there is one. A $29.99 combo pack featuring the duo is up for pre-order now.

Someone stop me before I buy them all.