It's been over a year since the last update, and many in our forums were worried that the app had been abandoned, but I'm happy to report that Manomio has released an update to C64 for iPhone [App Store], the Commodore 64 emulator and game store (at over 50 titles right now) for iOS, that we've been tracking since way back in 2008.

Stuart Carnie of Manomio filled me in on the license tangles he's been dealing with since late last year which stymied work on the app, but indicates all is now resolved and that he's excited to bring this update, as well as return his focus to development and the acquisition of new licenses for C64-loving iOS gamers.

The big news in this latest version of C64 for iPhone, version 2.2, is the addition of support for the iCade and compatible devices (such as the iControlPad and Gametel controller we recently covered), which is huge news given the nature of the typical Commodore 64 game title. In this initial implementation, iCade support means joystick and fire button emulation -- certain games with extended features, such as The Last Ninja, still require tapping the screen for key input and the like. This update also brings full support for iOS 5.

It's worth pointing out that, presently, C64 is not a Universal application, and so using it on an iPad in the iCade means running the iPhone app at 2x video magnification. However, Stuart has big plans for the app and shared a short-list of what's coming, down the road...

  • A new, Universal app!
    • This is a rewrite in order to add all the required features
    • PRO: By not replacing the iPhone version, we can keep existing users with old hardware on the current builds
    • PRO: For compatible games, we'll continue to add them to C64 for iPhone
  • Activate your original C64 for iPhone purchases if you have it installed
  • Cycle-exact emulation -- will require ARMv7 devices
  • Same OpenGL ES 2.0 retro visual effects currently in progress for iAmiga
  • iCADE / iControlPad / Gametel support
  • TV-out
  • Network play
  • More in-app purchases, including existing titles
  • A big pack of free games to get you started
  • Retina display support
  • BASIC mode, with 1541 "disk" save support

The following demo video taken by one of our readers shows C64 for iPhone running on an iPad, being controlled with an iControlPad (in iCade emulation mode).

We're very glad to see Stuart out of the woods and moving forward with his efforts to bring retro fun to today's gamers. We will keep readers in the loop on the latest from Manomio as the news unfolds.

  • Apple Trap

    it's an interesting game, like it........

  • Werner Ruotsalainen

    BTW, speaking of the iCade / iCP, I've shot two demo videos showing the new emulator versionUridium, Paradroid, Impossible Mission, Wizard of Wor, Archon and Adept (Archon2):

    • blakespot

      Thanks - I added it into the main post.

  • Roberto Pulito

    Obviously, I can not use a simple WiiMote to play   🙁

    But this system working on iphone??

    • blakespot

      You can't. Apple's quite restrictive in the ways in which they allow a Bluetooth device to connect to the iOS devices. 

      Yes, C64 for iPhone in its current form is an iPhone app.

    • Werner Ruotsalainen

      You must jailbreak your iDevice to gain access to WiiMote in some (not all) Cydia emulators - e.g., the MAME one. Dunno if it's worth it as not even the analogue joystick is supported, unlike iCP's joystick in the non-jailbreak version of the MAME emulator. (And ZoddTTD's emulators are pretty much outdated so they aren't really worth jailbreaking either.)

  • Roberto Pulito

    "iAmiga currently in progress"

    Scheduled release: 2019

    • blakespot

      Defender of the Crown for iOS (it feels good to type that) came out three months ago and uses the iAmiga wrapper. 

      iAmiga is a technology that Manomio is wrapping games with for one-off releases. It's an approach I am glad they are taking. Granted, DotC is the only iAmiga game out (publicly) right now. 

      • Roberto Pulito

        it's official? 🙁

        iAmiga will be used to release singles games with a dropper, and iAmiga is not the name of an app iOS with "real" Amiga emulator?
        DotC is the only iAmiga game out right now but Manomio had already used this philosophy (based on the UAE4All) for Flashback (2009). Or that game was made ​​with iSNES technology?

      • Stuart Carnie

        iAmiga will be the real deal, if Apple lifts their restrictions.  Unfortunately we are hamstrung by the iTunes developer terms of service today.  Just 2 years ago, no emulators were /technically/ allowed on the App store.

    • Stuart Carnie

      As Blake has pointed out, iAmiga is currently the engine for Amiga games.  We'd love to release a generic Amiga emulator, but what good is it on iOS if you can't load your own games?  Apple's restrictions prevent us from opening that up.  We do plan on speaking directly with Apple in the coming year, as we believe they are relaxing some of their restrictions and we may be able to convince them that these types of sandboxed game systems are harmless.

      Currently, Wings is in development for our next release.

  • Laner

    Any word on Elite's C64 collection?

    • Werner Ruotsalainen

      Some of their individual titles (as opposed to compilations) are (already) C64 emulations - e.g., Paradroid. (Haven't purchased it myself though as I've already purchased the title for the C64 Emulator, which is  completely sufficient for me).

  • Murderin Murphy

    Good on you, Stuart!

    I wish more devs would support the awesome iCade.

  • Anonymous