Five Alarm Freebie Alert – ‘Space Miner’ and ‘Space Miner HD’ Free for the Weekend

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Hey, here’s a thing: both Space Miner [Free] and Space Miner HD [Free] are totally free right now. Back in February of last year, Venan Entertainment released Space Miner to the masses and pretty much took everybody by surprise with the amount of depth, humor, personality, and most importantly stellar gameplay found within the title. It was almost as if they took the core mechanics of the classic Asteroids arcade game and built a fantastic, fully realized universe around it with copious amounts of RPG elements, space shooting, and a gripping storyline. In fact, that’s exactly what they did.

We loved Space Miner in our original review, and Venan kept the love flowing during 2010 with a huge update in April which enhanced the visuals for the then top-tier hardware and added a hardcore difficulty mode. With the arrival of Retina Display devices, Space Miner eventually jumped on board the high resolution gravy train and in December of last year an iPad native version of the game was released. All of this post-release attention didn’t go unnoticed either, as we chose Space Miner as our iPhone Game of the Year for 2010. In fact, if you ask Brad Nicholson, he’ll tell you that Space Miner is an even better game than Game Dev Story [$3.99/Lite]. That’s high praise!

Now, to celebrate the release of their latest title Book of Heroes [Free], Venan has gone and not only made the Space Miner games free through the weekend but have actually made their other games free as well. Don’t hesitate to jump all over Ninjatown: Trees of Doom! [Free/HD] while you’re busy mashing away at the download button on Space Miner.

The Space Miner games have seen several sales during their time on the App Store (and really what games haven’t), but this is the first time it’s ever gone completely free, although there is a free-to-play version called Space Miner Blast [Free] which is a more arcade-focused affair and is also totally worth a download as it offers a slightly different experience. But seriously, while you have the chance, grab the real-deal Space Miner for free during this weekend. I don’t want to sound like a jerk or anything, but if you don’t own Space Miner, we totally can’t be friends.

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