Guys, Christmas is right around the corner. Real Racing creators Firemint delicately reminded us of that we're zeroing in on the holiest of holidays with one well-positioned holiday-themed update to its awesome puzzle game, Spy Mouse [$.99 / HD].

Starting now with an update, World 1 in Spy Mouse and Spy Mouse HD have been turned into winter-y paradises, complete with snow, candy canes, and other decorations. The team has also turned the game's icon on its head with a bit of Christmas cheer and even added a new challenge to Agent Squeak's backpack.

Flight Control [$.99 / Lite] for the iPhone and iPod Touch have also been updated, though not with anything Christmas-related. These two versions now have a new level featuring a vicious thunderstorm with lightning that can damage your planes. The HD version [$4.99], on the other hand, now rocks a "Moon Base" map with asteroids and four new vehicles: land shuttles, satellites, rockets, and UFOs.

Interestingly, all three versions of Flight Control now have a "rewind" feature, which allows you to, er, rewind time in order to, say, avoid a collision. The catch? They need to be purchased.

  • Anonymous

    Purchase per rewind or one time? A permanent rewind feature just might be worth it!

  • Vlad

    Moon base sounds awesome, but the idea itself is little flawed. Ships wouldn't land on the moon like they do in Earth's atmosphere gliding down the runway. It's more like a helicopter landing, just down. Wish the creators though of that.

  • Laszlo Tuss

    Still no Gamecenter for Spy Mouse, but we had a pointless HD version, nice.
    Flight Control now have IAP, we only get the new maps to cover this EA shit...

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Firemint for becoming EA whores. You've just ruined high scoring in Flight Control with that stupid rewind features which just wants you to put more money into their coffers. Very sad and disappointed. If this is where the AppStore is headed, no thanks. Also disappointed in TA for not lashing at this. And not lashing at Infinity Blade (both of 'em) for also having ridiculous money sinks installed.

  • Anonymous

    yeah, Christmas is around the corner now, glad with this update and have found a list of Multiplayer iOS 5 Games for iPad and iPhone from iFunia for this holiday. Cheers!