And the bonus is back. On this week's bonus edition of the TouchArcade show, I go solo and speak with Infinite Dreams co-founder Marek Wyszyński about the creation of Jelly Defense [$2.99], his co-studio's past and present, and how it approaches design as a whole. I really love the way this studio does its art, so that's a pretty big theme throughout.

I'm not completely solo in this one, I should note. President-in-Chief Eli Hodapp joins me for some particularly insightful intro and outro segments. As always, you can give us a listen via the links just below or subscribe to us on iTunes and Zune.


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We'll be back next week with another bonus edition, as well as this Friday with a regularly scheduled TouchArcade Show. Have fun!

  • swapnil jadhav

    Very interesting podcast!! Well i am playing infinite dreams since skyforce and i know what kind of quality stuff they have made for n-gage platform years ago when iphone was not launched.