If you're not an O.G. iPhone (or maybe even a original 3G) owner, chances are Apple's own Texas Hold'em never even appeared on your radar. There wasn't much reason for it to, either. It was originally released in late August of 2008, updated a few weeks later, then totally abandoned. Even though the presentation at the time was a major step above the other offerings on the App Store, Texas Hold'em was quickly outclassed by third part developers that included things like online multiplayer, multiple game modes, and more.

Apple just pulled Texas Hold'em from the App Store, which was the only game they ever released for iOS devices. If you've got a copy of the .ipa laying around, it's probably a good idea to back it up somewhere if you at all care about keeping it. If you're into reading tea leaves with every minor move Apple makes, this could signal them withdrawing entirely from first-party iOS game development. Although, you could really argue that they've already been withdrawn anyway.

If you're curious what Texas Hold'em was all about, Apple's web site for the game is still online, although don't expect it to be there for long.

  • Gregz0r

    I still got that. Not played it in ages though! The perspective of the table never matched up to the video or background properly, which always bugged me. 😛

  • http://profiles.google.com/fleshman1992 Laszlo Tuss

    Remove the game instead of making it free (or make it free before remove).
    Apple ....... why?

  • alberto rossi

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  • http://twitter.com/davidbhowe David B Howe

    Wow, color me shocked... not sure how I missed this, but I never knew Apple even HAD its own game on the App Store. I always wondered whether they'd venture into first party development akin to Nintendo and Sega... but poker? Really? I suppose its too risky for Apple to take a bet on their own IP, knowing how critical our industry is, particularly with first-party games: we have great expectations.

  • http://twitter.com/bjornkeizers Bjorn Keizers

    Still have it. It was, I think, the second thing I ever bought from the app store. Trism being the first (anyone remember that one?) 

    Back then, it was insanely expensive as I recall. It was definitely one of the better games that were out, no doubt because there wasn't much else to buy.Man, that seems like ages ago... 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5FLRQI2X2LU3IHMCG7HEAEFD5I Cat Astrophy

      Trism was really huge at the time. It was Angry Birds before Angry Birds.

  • Noah

    You should still be able to download it from your Purchase History. I can redownload Trism anytime I want 🙂

    • http://twitter.com/AhiruDuck Ahiru Nakamura

      whoa, Trism was pulled?? i remember Tris (as in teTris) being pulled, but i still have it though

  • http://www.swingnite.com/ NYCrooner

    Makes zero sense. Why not make it free at the least? Outside of the lack on online multiplayer, it is still the best Hold'em game on the App Store IMO. Thank God I picked this up so many years ago.