If you've ever found yourself wondering what would happen if you somehow took nearly every aspect of 80's nostalgia and compressed it into a single RPG, it seems we're about to find out. The guys from Mighty Rabbit Studios just released a brand new teaser trailer for their upcoming game, Saturday Morning RPG, and it looks awesome. Aside from 80's references, their blog even explains the various (non-80's) games they've drawn inspiration from, citing Final Fantasy X, Pokemon, Paper Mario, and even Costume Quest. These influences are fairly clear in the trailer:

The developers have posted some information on our forums and mention that Saturday Morning RPG will be episodic in nature, and they're shooting for each episode being around an hour long. The first one is scheduled to hit early next year, with subsequent episodes following. Don't let the hour playtime figure shy you away either, as they're planning on packing each episode with replay value, through a "'New Game Plus' mode unlike any other."

We'll be keeping a close eye on this game. How could we not? It features a stampede of Fruit Stripe Gum zebras.

  • Jacob Gehman

    Oh OOOH. That looks beautiful.
    ...I want it now. πŸ™

  • David Howe

    Hah, I went to DigiPen with one of the guys behind this - way to go Nic! Trailer looks awesome gang, nice work.

  • Anonymous

    Totally loving this already, and hey, it's got some kind of special power that unleashes the dragon from Atari's "Adventure", what could be bad?

    • Anonymous

      I remember playing Adventure for Atari, I have one of those little joystick things you plug into the TV's RCA jacks that plays a bunch of old Atari games because I loved adventure! Β I saw the yellow dragon in the trailer and it was "EPIC WIN!"

      • Anonymous

        Yep, first 'adventure' I ever played, and fell in love with gaming (especially RPGS) from that point on. SuperMan on the 2600 was the other influence. πŸ™‚Β 

  • Benjamin Moore

    ...From Mighty Rabbit Studios to Touch Arcade and friendly posters, a sincere thanks for the feature!! An electric ripple of energy just shot through the studio seeing this on the front page! It's certainly been a highlight in our day busy with development pushing to get this out to everyone!

  • http://twitter.com/TheMightyRabbit Mighty Rabbit Studio

    Also wanted to mention an important detail that we haven't posted anywhere else yet. Saturday Morning RPG has a full soundtrack by Vince DiCola and Kenny Meriedeth. If you aren't already familiar with Vince - he's the amazing composer behind the soundtracks to Transformers: The Animated Movie and Rocky IV.

  • Anonymous

    The graphics are a little disappointing, as they don't quite manage to capture either that 80's animation feel or 80s sprite feel, but everything else looks like it kicks so much ass. I can see the Paper Mario influence where each attack turns into a mini game.

  • Anonymous

    If the price is right this thing is gonna sell like crazy. I don't think this is a game you could charge more than maybe $3 for since most people will see it as a novelty.

    • Benjamin Moore

      KenGriffey, I agree, that's why we've been hovering around consideration on 1.99 price range...if there's any adjustment, it would likely come down since there will be an opportunity for in game purchases for some kick ass stuff, but time will tell. However, the first episode releasing will be free to give the players an opportunity to learn how the game plays and as a general tutorial for the series. Thanks for checking it out!

      • Anonymous

        That sounds like a pretty comsumer-friendly apporach and right about the price I was thinking. The first episode for free thing I didn't see coming though - nice touch.

  • http://twitter.com/ktern Brady

    I love, love, LOVE the concept and most of the graphics. The GUI is incredibly ugly, though, and that kind of thing really bothers me. Beveled shapes? Yuck. I'd greatly prefer a GUI that looks more like the 8-bitty games of the age, or maybe something comic book themed.

    There's still a fair bit of time until the release, so I'm hoping it's not final... if that's fixed up, a definite purchase from me.

  • http://twitter.com/b2kdaman Valentine

    Meh, pixel art looks cheap. D-Pad like gui doesn't look like the best choice for me.