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Upcoming ‘Saturday Morning RPG’ Is Dripping With 80’s Nostalgia

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what would happen if you somehow took nearly every aspect of 80’s nostalgia and compressed it into a single RPG, it seems we’re about to find out. The guys from Mighty Rabbit Studios just released a brand new teaser trailer for their upcoming game, Saturday Morning RPG, and it looks awesome. Aside from 80’s references, their blog even explains the various (non-80’s) games they’ve drawn inspiration from, citing Final Fantasy X, Pokemon, Paper Mario, and even Costume Quest. These influences are fairly clear in the trailer:

The developers have posted some information on our forums and mention that Saturday Morning RPG will be episodic in nature, and they’re shooting for each episode being around an hour long. The first one is scheduled to hit early next year, with subsequent episodes following. Don’t let the hour playtime figure shy you away either, as they’re planning on packing each episode with replay value, through a “‘New Game Plus’ mode unlike any other."

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this game. How could we not? It features a stampede of Fruit Stripe Gum zebras.