Luke Schneider's awesome take on Space Invaders, Super Crossfire [$.99 / UHD], is now bigger than ever thanks to an early November update. Version 1.1 specifically adds a new "dark mode" that includes 150 harder waves complete with new backgrounds and a "new perspective" on the game's story. Super Crossfire is also now more stable than ever; Schneider went back and dropped in some performance improvements for older generation phones, nipped a nasty save bug, and addressed several minor problems.

The most exciting addition for us is the one that couldn't be noted officially: Super Crossfire HD now supports the iCade. Just switch to "ARCADE" in the configuration and you're good to go. It's nice to see some new iCade games out there, eh?

Oh! And if you're particularly interested in the HD version -- and you should be since we're huge fans of it and are never wrong about these things -- know that its price has been reduced. For a spell, the game is being offered at $.99 instead of its usual $2.99. Neat!

  • Anonymous

    Trippy enough to make Jeff Minter proud.

    I dig it.

  • Anonymous

    Super Crossfire HD is a great game and well worth the full price, let alone the sale price. I got 3 of my buddies to buy it today and they are all enjoying it so it's not just my own opinion. Now if only the devs add a resume feature when you quit in the middle of a level...