We've had our eye on Evertales for quite a while now. It's a collaboration between Crescent Moon Games, creators of Aralon [$6.99], Gears [$2.99], and Siegecraft [99¢] (and more) along with Thunder Game Works who are responsible for the ridiculously popular Trenches [99¢] family of games. Evertales is a side-scrolling action-centric brawler that comes packed with three different characters as well as the gloriously cliche premise of needing to vanquish the "Dark Lord of Darkness."

Check out the trailer:

If all goes as planned, Evertales will be released on the 10th, so keep an eye peeled for it at 11:00 PM Eastern next Wednesday night-- Or potentially sooner if you're one of those lucky Australians or New Zealanders who get everything so incredibly early compared to the rest of us.

  • Anonymous

    This looks like poor man's Trine. Not impressed by the trailer at all.

  • Briker Ed

    Likewise, not impressed either. I like the idea of a fantasy-parody if done right (first two Simon games?) but the few jokes we can hear in the trailer and the narrator's ones don't really resonate with me. 

    Also, was this done in Unity? I'm asking cause I've noticed with some games that the physics, jumping in particular, really looks odd. Bad even, and I'm getting the same feeling while watching the jump animations here. 

  • Anonymous

    Cheesy one-liners in a pretty environment? Yes please, if the gameplay is good 🙂

  • http://twitter.com/21tigermike Michael A. Robson

    Sounds like a Childrens book for Christians.

  • Patrick Sullivan

    It does look like Trine, but what's wrong with that? Clever puzzles, fun action and good platforming are 3 things I usually wouldn't turn down in a game. Plus it looks like it might actually be funny, a nice reprise from all these "trying too hard" rpgs. Could be alot of fun (partly because it looks like a slightly more grown up Castle of Magic).

  • Anonymous

    Looks interesting, but what I'd really like to see from them is some news about Ravensword 2. It's been about two years since the original came out...