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Hey Crescent Moon and/or Thunder Game Works Fans, ‘Evertales’ Hits Next Week

We’ve had our eye on Evertales for quite a while now. It’s a collaboration between Crescent Moon Games, creators of Aralon [$6.99], Gears [$2.99], and Siegecraft [99¢] (and more) along with Thunder Game Works who are responsible for the ridiculously popular Trenches [99¢] family of games. Evertales is a side-scrolling action-centric brawler that comes packed with three different characters as well as the gloriously cliche premise of needing to vanquish the “Dark Lord of Darkness."

Check out the trailer:

If all goes as planned, Evertales will be released on the 10th, so keep an eye peeled for it at 11:00 PM Eastern next Wednesday night– Or potentially sooner if you’re one of those lucky Australians or New Zealanders who get everything so incredibly early compared to the rest of us.