Old school RPG fans (and I mean old school) should be quite familiar with the Wizardry series. More than 30 years ago, Wizardry helped define the pen-and-paper Dungeons & Dragons experience as an electronic computer game, and went on to spawn many sequels and spinoffs since. The most recent of these is Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls from developer Acquire. The game was a modern homage to the classic Wizardry games, and was released on the PlayStation Network as a downloadable title this past summer.

Now we have learned that Labyrinth of Lost Souls will be making the jump from PSN to the App Store this Thursday, Novermber 3rd. Despite being a fairly newly developed game (the original launched in Japan in late 2009), Labyrinth of Lost Souls is purposely entrenched in the archaic roots of the Wizardry series. Many of the modern aspects that you've come to appreciate from the RPG and dungeon crawling genres aren't present here, which is something that didn't quite resonate with a good chunk of the PlayStation 3 audience. However, I think a quirky, old school-inspired title like Labyrinth of Lost Souls will have a comfortable home on the App Store.

Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls will feature ten characters to choose from, and you'll need to create a party of six to take down into the depths of the two massive dungeons in the game. Leveling up your characters, finding items and weaponry, and dueling with scads of monsters are all on the agenda in Wizardry. The game will be launching for free with the first floor of the "Dungeon of Trials" available to explore and play, and a level cap of five for your party members. If you want to continue on, you can open up the rest of the game for a $9.99 in-app purchase. We'll have more from Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls after it launches later this week.

  • Anonymous

    Yes I'm old school.  The very very very very very first game I got on my very very very very first Apple IIc was Wizardry.  I'm feeling some major nostalga here I will definitely have to check this out.

    • f y

      ha.  me too on 5 1/4" floppy.

      this will be cool to check out but I would REALLY love a port of the original...proving grounds of the mad overlord

      • http://www.buzzabit.com/aaron Aaron Sullivan

        Did you ever play The Return of Werdna? It was old school even for its time as I think it was post Bard's tale without Bard's Tale graphics, but it was really interesting playing the bad guy and summoning monsters to fill in your party. Didn't get too far but I found it to be one of the more inventive entries.

    • Anonymous

      Same here, deviladv! Didn't sleep for almost two days as it was the first time I ever experienced a true RPG,  and the love for grid paper. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Smash-Crate/100002608840736 Smash Crate

    Now, how about Temple of Asphai?  Did I just give away my age?

    • http://twitter.com/dowerchin Dower Chin

      Oh yeah! Temple of Apshai, now that brings back memories 🙂

  • David Orris

    960x640 screenshots! Awesome, so not iPad only 😀


    Gameplay video

  • http://twitter.com/AndrewGeczy Andrew Geczy

    "Ganz is Cast Thunder Burst!"

    Sounds great.

  • Anonymous

    i recall the PSN version feeling more difficult than the Wizardry of old game used to be, that or i've been softened too much by modern games.  Either way, didn't buy the PSN one in the end, but am curious to see how it plays on the ipad.

  • FreeFrog

    Didn't play it on PSN, but it was never a J-RPG before. Now it looks like one, but presumably is still a Western style RPG (at least based on the screenshots). That might be why it didn't do so well for the Playstation crowd... never the twain shall meet.

    • http://twitter.com/spacecowgoesmoo Taylor Calderone

      Wizardry is still a WRPG. It's just that the series has long since died in the US, and all the new games are made in Japan now where it is still popular.

      • FreeFrog

        Understood, but that means it's really not "old school" Wizardry anymore. The character portraits and gameplay (based on the video) are so J-RPG it's lost its roots. Nothing bad about that except it looks like every other J-RPG.

  • David Humphreys

    wow! -- worst trailer ever? ...  stop telling me your back-story in hard-to-read text and show me some in-game action! 

  • Maria Einbinder

    I wish somebody would just port Wizardry VIII. I used to play it on PC, but didn't finish. A truly engrossing game, which consists of more than just dungeons. For that matter, I have heard good things about Wizardry VII too. And a couple of  best Might and Magics wouldn't be amiss too.

  • Gilbert Davis

    Wowzee, Wizardry in this post and Bards Tale in another post here. Brings misty eyed memories of days gone by with the Apple IIGS and no hard drive. I'll be in line for these, if only for the nostalgia and graph paper.

  • KORGER ds

    Wow... this is fantastic! Another big title hits AppStore and finally a good dungeon crawler with cool art and classic gameplay. Someone made a good decision to bring a game on iOS. Hope they will remake a ps2 Wizardry with outstanding art.

  • http://twitter.com/starksimon Stark

    Tap, tap, tap... Turn, tap, tap, turn, turn. Fap, fap, fap, fap, Wizardy on iOS! Can't wait! 😀

  • http://www.villines.com CJoshuaV

    I don't think of myself as old, but Wizardry I was my first CRPG.   I love that game. And I sincerely hope it does not have too many JRPG influences.  

    Just port them all: Bards Tale, Wizardry, and Might & Magic. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/Quickmix Frank Quickmix Hassas

    Wow can't believe it. Is it true? 🙂
    Instant buy......

    Now wait for the RPG of all Time: Dungeon Master and maybe other Killers
    like Black Crypt, Eye of the Beholder, Bloodwych, Lands of Lore, Might & Magic, Stonekeep......the story goes on 🙂

  • Bremen Cole

    instant buy